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    Hey, welcome to the forum
    Current Piercings - Both lobes 8mm, second and third in lobes, left nostril, left helix, smiley

    Retired/Rejected -Auricle X2, left conch, navel

    Piercings I want - Lower left lip, right conch, right rook, left daith

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    P e a c e-M u s i c-L o v e

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    Hey and welcome
    I'm Cherry *^-^*

    Stretched: 20mm ears

    Piercings: 1.6mm Cheeks, 2.4mm septum, 1.2mm medusa, 1.6mm conch, 1.2mm tragus, both ears pierced, 1 x microdermals, navel.

    Tattoos: Half sleeve 1 session from finished, Angel-ey thing on each atm, Vines down spine, 5 butterflies on back. Daisy on inner thigh. Black heart on nape. Smiley face on knee.

    Retired/Rejected: 13 microdermals, 2 surface bars, Monroe, 2 x navel, nostril, 2mm tongue, webbing, labret.

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