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Thread: Bump on the conch =(

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    Default Bump on the conch =(

    So i've had my inner conch piercing for about two years, and it's never given me any trouble (no bumps, etc) and I started off by getting it pierced with a bar and letting it heal up. A couple months ago I went back to my piercer and picked out some new jewelry for my conch, I chose a CBR (titanium). Everything was completely great, I know a lot of people have trouble wearing CBRs in their conch because of bumps etc but I hadn't had a problem.

    Anyhoo fast forward to a few nights ago I spent the night at my friends house and ended up sleeping on the floor. I woke up and realized I had slept on my ear with the CBR in it, and it was pretty sore and upset (predictably). So i decided to leave it alone, baby it, and hopefully everything would be okay. About yesterday when I woke up I noticed it had a ring/bump thing around it. I completely left it alone thinking oh no my luck finally gave out and I ended up with hypertrophic scarring. I wasn't too worried about it, I was debating on switching back to a bar and I decided to do so. However, when I started to change it, the ring/bump thing kinda popped (i just barely must have touched it) and what came from it looked a lot like from a pimple . I wiped the excess pimple stuff off until the ring seemed to have disappeared (much like a pimple would look after you got all the white stuff out)
    First pic is the one when I had the ring/bump/pimp thing, and the second is immediately after it popped.
    Anyone have any ideas what this could have been? Does anyone think I should do SSS or should I just leave it alone? Thanks! (and sorry for the enormity of the pictures :( )

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    Ewwwww ... looks so much better after the pop though! ... bit of floor-gunk irritating it maybe?
    I'd change it back to a bar (to let it settle down without movement from the ring) and give it a good soak to be sure all the gunk is out.
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    Def get a bar back in there! I can only wear CBR's for something like a day before my ear gets angry. And I would SSS for a little while!
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    Put the bar back in and treat it like a fresh piercing.
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    You could maybe put a curved bar/PTFE in there and gradually change to a ring? It would be less of a shock to the piercing going from a straight to a curve.
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