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Thread: Wanted a snug, but got an anti-tragus? Having real problems with it!

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    Unhappy Wanted a snug, but got an anti-tragus? Having real problems with it!

    Ok, so have attached a photo of my new piercing (sorry is a bit bloody!) ***Please look on my profile and under Albums for the photo!***

    And actually have no idea what it is! I asked for a snug, and the more I compare it to other pics it looks more and more to me like an anti-tragus?! It is so incredibly sore and throbbing, which is how it's been since about 2 weeks ago when I first had it done.

    After just under 2 weeks it was still so sore I was wondering what I should do, and by a very lucky encounter with a guy who knew all about piercings, found out that the bar (straight) put in was far too short, turned out to be an 8mm, and he said that was why it was still so painful, and that the top ball was starting to sink into my skin!!

    So fast forward to 2 days ago and I go back to the piercing place and I get the 8mm taken out and a 12mm put in to accomodate for the swelling and she said it should be just fine now. But now, as you can see it is still very angry, painful etc. And it looks to me like the top ball is lying flat to my ear, and I can't actually clean behind it! (even if I could, I can't atm because it is so painful and bleeds..) Should it looks like this? Surely the ball shouldn't be stuck like that?

    I'm starting to suspect I should have had a curved barbell put in, so that the ball is completely independent of the surface of the skin?? I'm just forseeing that the back of the ball is going to disappear into my ear... I'm on painkillers every 4 hours, can't sleep and just in constant pain!!!

    Please help/advice!

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    I am not a professional piercer in any way shape or form but that doesnt look at all right to me. I think you need a different bar in there and as soon as possible. Is that the longer one in the pic?

    Plus I am not 100% sure, but I think it is a snug, just a little lower than usual, but I could be wrong. I'd go back to your piercer again, either that or go to a different piercer

    I am sure a professional will be around to help a bit more soon xx
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    It's a snug, just a low one.
    It doesn't look okay though. It looks like the inside ball is putting pressure on the cartilage. Maybe it's because of the blood, but if you think it's under pressure switch to a longer bar or perhaps a curved barbell to relieve the stress? IDK.

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    I would most definitely get a curved barbell in there and expect a lot of your problems to disappear.

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    Yeah it is a snug, a very deep snug. As watermelon says, you may be better with a curved bar it or at least ptfe as that does look like there is pressure being applied from the jewellery which will be causing discomfort and pain.

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    Thanks for all the replies and help! Yep I suspected a curved barbell would have been a much better option than the straight. I can't believe the place corrected the original piercing from a straight 8mm bar just to another straight 12mm bar, thinking just making it longer would allow for swelling. She actually also said that fairly soon I'd need to come back to get a shorter one again, because apparently a too long bar, AFTER the swelling had gone down causes just as many problems with snagging the skin or something..

    So is it ok to go to a complete different piercing place from the one I had it done (obviously never going there again!) to ask them to look at the piercing, get their opinion and suggest having a curved barbell put in? There's another good place where I got my tragus done, and have had no problems with it. I guess it was my fault for falling for the 20% offer this place had on I guess, although I had my helix done just fine there before..

    I assume I'll have to pay the same price again for this service at a different place, as obviously they wouldn't give it a look-over for free, let alone a piece of jewellery!! Are there lengths for curved barbells too? What would be the best length? I can't get to sort my ear out til Monday so just have to keep taking the painkillers I guess

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    I'd go to someone else, they should be fine, some can be funny about piercings done elsewhere but the vast majority of good piercers have no issues looking at something for you. Let them decide what length to put in, they may have some sterile and be able to perform a jewellery change for you. What they are charge for that will vary but it should be less than getting the entire piercing redone.

    Are you in the UK? Where was it you went to?
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    Although I agree with people saying its a snug, My anti-tragus are still really playing up, even 6 months down the line, agree with the advise already given, but they are known for being a bugger to heal in this place - they certainly are the hardest I've had to heal x
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    Hopefully the other place will be fine with me coming to them for help/a new barbell then. I don't necessarily mind having to pay out again, all I really want is to get some pain relief and just know that my ear is going to be ok!! I'm in Colchester Essex, maybe not a good idea to "name and shame" the place I went to though.. because as I said I had another piercing done there last year and that one has been fine! The place I'm planning on going to get my ear sorted out on Monday has always been really good, had 2 of my 3 tattoos done there, so feeling optimistic they'll sort me out!

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    We're all for naming and shaming here. Better that than someone else ending up with a shoddy piercing.
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