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Thread: Help Reopening My Lip with a Taper

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    Default Help Reopening My Lip with a Taper

    So, I have a snakebite. I unfortunately forgot to put my spacers in before I went to work this morning, and ended up having to pull out my rings right before I got there to avoid managerial wrath. Obviously, they closed up. I have a taper needle, and have successfully reopened one of them and got a ring in it. The issue is, the other one just won't cooperate. Even when it's been stretched up to the correct size and left for quite some time, I can't get jewelry into it because there's a swollen part that the jewelry can't get through, even if it's lubed up and everything (I'm still not quite sure why the needle can get through it.) I've tried icing it and taking alleve to reduce swelling, but no luck.

    I was wondering if it would be better to keep trying, or to hold off for a day or two to let the swelling go down, then try to stretch it open again. Any advice would be appreciated. I was thinking about just letting it heal and then getting it repierced, BUT I can't do that for as long as I have my current job because I have to wear spacers at work, and IIRC spacers are not designed or intended to be worn for several weeks at a time.

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    Whats the smallest tapper you have? If you have 1,0mm to 1.2mm tapper you might get it with that and using a 1.2mm labret stud. Let that settle and move back up to 1.6mm. Sounds like it might be a bit far gone though if you a stuglling so much. Can you get the tapper through at all?

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