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Thread: best and worst piercing you ever had?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hellosweetie_xx View Post
    My best has to be my nostril it healed super quick and gave me the least hassle.

    Worst has to be my cartilage on my left ear. My GOD it hurt like crazy! Not the getting pierced bit but the aftercare, I sleep on my back so that wasn't a problem but it would swell like crazy (went to claire's accessories and they used the wrong earrings -_- Do not go to Claires for piercings just don't do it) Ended up online and finding out that the reason for the swelling may be because they used the wrong earrings so decided to take it out whilst in town to buy a new earring by the time I came home it closed up. Quite frankly I did not care the pain was gone.
    No it's because they use dirty guns as well as incorrect jewellery. :(
    Piercings: 6 lobes, 2 12mm stretched lobes, 4 helices, 3 tragus, daith, 2 nostril, 2.4mm VCH, 2.4mm daith
    Modifications: 5mm septum punch,
    coinslot ear cartilage removal, 5mm conch punch
    Cosmetic Modifications: Scar removal x7, semi permanent eyebrows, semi permanent eyeliner, semi permanent lipstick, lip dermal filler, botox
    Retired Piercings: 3 nipple, tongue, 4 philtrum, 4 eyebrow, 2 outer labia, VCH, 1 lobe, rook, nostril, 3 nape MDs, 2 wrist MDs, septum, 3 upper conch, conch, 5 helices
    Tattoos: 95 hours
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    Best was surprisingly my rook. I was really worried about the pain but it wasn't bad at all. So far it's healing really well too

    Worst, probably my tragus. Wasn't initially sore but I got a bump on it about 4 months in that completely screwed up the healing process and was really painful. Only really rid of that bump now after 6 months of trying everything. It's finally gone
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    Left Ear: Stretched lobe @ 4mm, two standard lobes, tragus
    Right Ear: Stretched lobe @ 4mm, one standard lobe, auricle, rook

    RIP Standard Navel
    Piercings I want: Rook (left side), Horizontal nipple x2, helix, central labret

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    Worst was definetly my Snug!

    Crap healer, Constantley swelling, outter end trying to swallow the ball, Always pussing & Crusting, Couldnt sleep on it for months :(
    In the end i had to retire itafter about a year! Shame because the few hours it was well behaved i loved it!

    Although before my tragus settled down that would have been my worst! kept swelling & popping gunk & blood *+& blocking my ear passage!
    Pretty nasty stuff! Luckily my new peircer managed to sort it out! & i never went to my old piercer in manchetser again!

    Best has either been my lip or my rook!

    Although im going to go with rook, clean easy & quick to do, no pain & the easiest healer ive ever had!
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    Face - Lip, Nose
    Body -
    Stomach, Navel x2, Left Nipple
    Left Ear -
    Helix x2, Lobe x3, Antitragus, Forward Helix
    Right Ear -
    Scaffold, Tragus, Rook, Snug, Lobe x3
    Ink -
    Frog Between Shoulder Blades, Fake on Right Hip, Carpe Diem Swirls on Left Wrist

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    Best was my eyebrow, it healed up super fast and it's been great ever since
    Worst was probably my helix, after months and months it still feels like a fresh piercing
    Current Piercings:
    Left Ear: 2x Helix, 1/2" Tunnel
    Right Ear: 3x Lobe, 1/2" tunnel
    16g Lip
    16g Eyebrow

    16g Lip

    A second eyebrow piercing
    Rib Surface piercings

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    Best: Eyebrow as it's had no problems other than the normal bruising and swelling, which has gone down, and I love the way it looks! It's only been two weeks, though, so I really hope this continues. My tragus and nostrils were very easy to heal too, but my eyebrow is my favourite of all my piercings right now.

    Worst: Navel - it was often very painful during the healing process and my stomach creases above the navel, so it left a mark where it touched the skin and it rejected after a while. My scaffold was also painful and difficult as it was done by a crap piercer who put a bar in that was too short, which made it reject and leave a split in my ear >.< I loved the look of my scaffold so much, though.
    Current: 9mm lobes, 5mm left tragus, 5mm left conch, tongue web, nasallang, left rook, left anti-tragus, right tragus, right daith, right snug, right forward helix, bridge, 5mm septum, three-point left helix spiral, double left eyebrow

    Planning: ​ Vertical labret re-pierced

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    Best: My triple helix. They were done with a gun (I was young and stupid back then) but surprisingly they never gave me any problems. Healed like a breeze, painless after 1 week, no bleeding, pussing or crusting. They healed like a dream.

    Worst: My rook, without a doubt. I've only had it for 3 1/2 months, but it's still extremely painful to the touch. It acts as if it's still just a week old. No pussing or crusting, but it's still very swollen and the cartilage of the entire upper part of my ear feels extremely stiff and hurts a LOT. It has already driven me to tears. Why can't it just be a bit more nice and settle down? Getting it done was only painful for a couple of seconds, but that was nothing compared to all the pain that followed. At the moment my rook is even more painful than my conches, which I got done about 12 days ago.
    A close second would be my sternum md. It was doing really well for two years, rarely any issues with it. However a little while later the tissue anchoring the md started this process of necrosis. The md was pushed out a whole lot and sat loose in my skin. It looked purple and at times oozed puss. Eventually I got so frustrated with it that I gently pulled it out. No more md's for me, that's for sure.
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    Current: Left ear; 2x lobes 1mm, conch 1.6mm, rook 1.2mm.
    Right ear; 2x lobes 1mm, conch 1.6mm, 3x helix 1.2mm

    Retired; Sternum md.

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    Best: Daith and Eyebrow. My eyebrow I've been wanting for years, and now to finally have one that's almost healed, and pretty with a nice anatometal shiny is amazing. I love my daith just because it was on a whim and has been the easiest piercing to heal, ever, other than the first week(which was my own fault).

    Worst: First eyebrow, first week of my daith. My first eyebrow piercing was done with a clamp and done far too shallow and instead of on an angle with my eyebrow, it went against. It ended up rejecting before it even healed and I had to take it out. Not to mention I fainted during the piercing process. But, I was able to do it again so it isnt too bad. Also, first week of my daith as I was painting my room that week and got very sweaty and gross and I guess it ended up infected as by the fourth day of the piercing I had throbbing pain radiating from that ear all down my jaw and to my shoulder. The gunk I got out in sea salt soaks was intense and super gross. But it cleared up before the end of the week and has been a dream since, but oh man did that hurt.
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    10g first + 14g second lobes, right helix,
    left daith, right conch, paired nostrils,
    vertical labret.
    horizontal nipples.
    industrial, septum, rook,
    third lobe, outer conch.

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    In terms of healing and initial piercing pain--
    Best: Conch. Super easy for me.
    Worst: Cheeks (healing) Pain-It's a toss up between my septum and nostrils. I know, I was sick @ the time I got my septum pierced and the inside of my nose was super raw and I just hate piercings that make your eyes water. I have very thick nostrils (I have a good sized nose, haha) and they just suck for me. Any piercing in my nose sucks for me. My vertical labret also hurt and made my eyes water. So, I disliked it, too. :P

    In terms of discomfort of initial healing phase (ya know the first week when they are very uncomfortable)
    Best: Conch again!
    Worst: Double tongue/Venoms

    Out of my retired piercings:
    Best: I miss my microdermal :( it was super easy and painless. The healing was so easy.
    Worst: Monroe. No matter how high I had it pierced, it rubbed my gums (even w/ proper downsizing). My current piercer attempted it once more on a different side, still no bueno. My gums/anatomy just don't allow it!
    current piercings- ears: scalpelled 3/4", left ear: conch, triple forward helix. right ear: just the stretch. navel, venoms (double tongue), tongue web, left and right nostril, cheeks, VCH, septum, vertical labret

    retired: 'monroe' x3, tragus, 2nd lobes, navel x1, center tongue ring, snake bites

    tattoos: almost complete left sleeve, nape, ankle, stars on ribs and each hip, puzzle piece behind left ear, alice in wonderland thigh piece, "stay gold" right above feet

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    Best would be my VCH. I love it, and it's so pretty!

    Worst would be my long-retired first helix. I was 17 and didn't know any better, so I had it done with a gun at the chemist. After three years of it still not healing, I finally gave up on it and took it out. I've had it done again since, properly this time, and it's been marvellous.
    2x left earlobe - 1992, 1998
    2x right earlobe - 1992, 1998
    Left nostril - 4/2/07
    Right tragus - 18/9/08
    VCH - 16/1/09
    Left tragus - 14/5/09
    Left helix - 14/5/09
    Right forward helix - 19/8/10
    Right snug - 21/1/12
    Left rook - 11/10/13

    Left helix - 1999 - 2001
    Cleavage microdermal - 16/1/10 - 1/10/10

    Tongue web - 26/10/10 - 26/11/11

    Rose on back - 22/6/12

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    Best was my septum, didnt hurt much and healed fine.
    Worst was my right tragus, it hurt so much getting it done and within 2 hours had swollen up and was red and irritated. I took it out the next day.
    Piercings (some retired) - Septum, nose, double eyebrow, left tragus, left nipple, lip, rook, left lobe and multiple cartalidge.
    - Tattoo of a fantasy style sword on my calf
    - Raven perched on pocket watch tattoo on my right arm
    - Evil skeletal jester on the other calf
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