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Thread: Something regarding Bioplast in oral piercings...

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    For the record, I don't think the cheek 2mm thing is wrong. I think it is odd that he insists on cheek piercings being 2mm, yet genital piercings (including male penis-head piercings) are 'fine' at 1.6mm.

    Thoughts on that?

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    Cheek = Muscle, Glans != Muscle.

    It's that simple.

    It's also incredibly difficult for jewellery to migrate through glans tissue because of how thick it is, if you're talking PA's then again that is different tissue with high elasticity, which means if anything at 1.6mm it will self stretch rather than migrate. (As a side note, i'm glad you clarified the penis-heads you were talking about were the male variety as opposed to the female kind)

    Keep in mind using statistics from the 'out of my ass' research department that you use, 99% of people get genital piercings at 1.6mm, the only difference is, they actually dont have problems with that where as those that get cheeks at that gauge do. Sure some might find it uncomfortable, but just as many don't, and as a self policy i'd rather my clients stretch their own piercings if they find it uncomfortable rather than piercing at a higher gauge and have them attempt to downsize if they dont want to wear large gauge jewellery.

    As for your earlier comment on this same matter, you say how genital piercings experience just as much movement as cheeks (which is wrong by the way but we will disregard that for a second), why don't you then insist that all ear piercings be done at larger gauges too, because the act of sleeping on them would be putting hours of movement and stress on the piercings every single day, far more irritation than any genital piercing will receive in a day. Don't let any of this stop you from digging that hole deeper though.

    Thoughts on that?

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    Haha that male penis clarification made me chuckle but I agree with dpack about the sterility issue...even in our airflow hoods they can't be totally classified as sterile so there is no way that piece of jewellery is sterile when it is going inside you. As soon as the packet is open it is no longer sterile because of the air around you and as dpack says the gloved hands on it. You can't make the air sterile without very very expensive air flow for the whole room and not even heart surgery theatres have that in place so you can't expect a piercing studio to. We open our packets of equipment inside our hoods (they have a gap so I wouldbt say they were totally sterile, only those hoods that have no gaps to the environment and you have to put your hands inside those gloves that are attached to the hoods could probably be classified as sterile. In ours we ethanol our gloves and make sure we do not touch ANYTHING that goes near the cells because even if we have ethanoled our gloves, it still ain't sterile.
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    This weather at the moment - Thoughts on that...sorry couldn’t help my self lol.

    I'd agree with what Darren is saying (again - funny that isn’t it, wonder why that is....) I would usually use 2mm jewellery in PA's etc as that’s just what I prefer to use. Can’t see a big issue using 1.6mm though as you say it will self stretch due to the softer nature of the muccosal tissue. I personally think genital piercings like PA's, are more comfy with slightly larger gauge jewellery and respond better to it. End of the day it is what the client wants and finds pleasing.

    Sterile stuff.. piercing is a clean procedure its far from sterile. As said before as soon as that bag on the needle, jewellery etc has been opened / handled its not longer sterile as you are in a clean area not a sterile one.
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    I am not saying piercing is sterile. I am a nurse, I am well aware of the ins and outs of sterility (and no, I am not claiming that means I know anything about piercings). I am just saying autoclaving is the only thing that will sterilise as people keep saying they 'sterilise' their jewellery by cleaning it in salt water.

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