I'm always curious why people have piercings, so I now pose this question to all of you: Why do you have piercings?

I have my lobes done because I've always thought that they're so pretty and nice with all the earrings you can put in etc. I remember wanting my lobes done when I was only about 5, although my mom wouldn't let me until I was 12.

I have my other ear piercings (helix and rook) because I think they look awesome.

I have my navel piercing because I'm not 100% happy with my body and it makes me feel better about it...

And there's also an element of asserting my independence/rebellion. My parents pretty much hate piercings other than standard lobes (not that they'll admit it, but whatever)...and I always knew that I wanted piercings but didn't start getting them until this year because I cared so much about what my parents thought/had to say about it that it kept me from doing it and now I say screw it, I'm an adult it's my body and my money so I can and will do what I want.