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    Hi all,

    is anybody else on this forum an archer. If you are what discipline do you do? What type of bow do you use?

    I live in France I do a discipline called 'Tir Nature' and '3D'. Which is 2D paper animal targets and 3D animal targets respectively.

    I use a 32lb recurve bow.

    I am hoping to get an English Longbow after christmas.
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    Wishlist: Guiche, Frenum, Nipples, Labret and Ear Stretch

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    Wishlist: LOTS!



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    Hello.. I know you posted this a while ago, but I am!! I've just started, so at the moment I don't have my own bow; the one I use at the club is only 20 pounds
    I was actually thinking today...
    I'm right handed, so hold the bow in my left hand, and I'm thinking of getting a lip piercing on my right side. D'you think there's any risk of the piercing catching on the string?

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    I'm pretty interested in archery, i've taken a few classes on it. tons of fun for sure

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    I love archery, by far my favourite sport.
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