Hubby had an apt to have his guiche pierced yesterday so not to be out done I decided on a nostril piercing.

I was a little unsure as its my first facial piercing and wasn't sure what work and family reaction might be. Decided to work on the theory that forgiveness is easier than permission.

So, went into piercers and watched hubbys guiche being done, then chose rainbow crystal jewellery, signed the forms and waited for the room to be cleaned and prepped.
Went in, sat down, listened to a few lousy jokes between hubby and piercer while I was marked up. Then told to breathe in and then blow out quickly, felt a sharp pinch which made my eyes water. Then to breathe out slowly as the jewellery was inserted. Job done.

Sad to say it's the first piercing that I haven't instantly loved, maybe due to an excess of gentian violet making it look massive, don't know. I've been told it suits me so hopefully I'll get to like it.

No pain or discomfort with it, though struggling to get the jewellery to sit comfortably inside my nose. Didn't bleed much and no blood came away during its first soak.

Day 2

Got up to a very purple nose but piercing itself seems happy so far, just gave it a good soak off in the shower with a tiny bit of soap to get some ink off.
Have developed a cold, so hoping it won't get aggravated by it.

All in all an easy piercing.