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Thread: How to deal with criticism about my piercing?

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    It isn't anybody else's business but yours what piercing you get. Not everybody is going to like the septum or think it's lady like. The fact of the matter is, it's all about what makes YOU happy. If you like your septum and think it looks good on you, screw what everyone else thinks. In the end, the only person you're trying to make happy is yourself.

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    I have the same problem. All my friends, my friends, criticize me about it. All because it's not a 'normal' piercing. :|
    But you know I honestly couldn't care less what they think. I mean it's MY body, not theirs. :3

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    I got some comments that are almost exactly the same as yours when I got my eyebrow piercing. Even though I hid it under a swoop of sideswept bangs, I still got funny looks and "are you trying to rebel?" or "boys won't want to go out with you if you look too scary" and "you won't get hired with THAT." and you know what I say to that?
    (well I won't use vulgar words but...) It's my body and I'll do what I want with it. And people who make a big stinking ordeal over one little piercing are nuts. Just because I get a piercing doesn't mean I hang out in dark basements, sleep in coffins, or are planning a serial killing. Its just how I express myself. I like to think it makes me look stronger as I can handle any amount of pain.
    I like to be different, not like all the same old, crimped-to-death straight haired barbies.
    I have short pixie cut with one side shaved, eyebrow pierced, and tattoo on my arm.
    And I'm proud of it. Anyone else thinks otherwise can take a long walk off a short cliff. XD

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    I've been getting a lot of comments lately too. I'm getting my tounge web done soon and my nape done on Saturday and my friends are being so horrible about it. I also got a lot of comments about my hair because I dye it "crazy" colours such as a teal colour and I got comments like i looked like i had mould on my head.. nearly all of it behind my back. Some people are so horrible. I hate that so many people want everything to be standard. People are just scared of the unknown or unusual and it's so upsetting.
    Love and be loved.

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    I got people commenting on my septum too. One guy who was new to my school (I'd only spoken to him a few times) came up to me and said "I don't like that piercing it's not... 'approachable'. Not that it matters what I think but...". I don't know how people can be so rude to do it but I genuinely don't care what people think about it.

    Even though my friends didn't like my septum piercing, I've always been the odd one out in our group and they say that's one of the main reasons they love me. Their dislike of the piercing just doesn't bother me, I suppose I've never been one to follow others or care for their opinion on my looks, I'm ME!

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    Most people I know don't like my septum piercing... I'm often told it makes me look like a farm animal. My answer? 'Cows are cute!'
    It's your face - who cares what others think? Just give them a funny 'I don't care' answer or ignore. ^^
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    Ignore people. They do not understand.

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    i have had a lot of negative coments about my septum recently, when ive been on nights out with the girls from work, and have been in chavy bars with chart music (vom) i will never get what makes men want to come up to some one and tell them they dont think theyre atractive and wouldnt want to sleep with them. my response - really? omg, im so upset that im not your kind of pretty, cuz id really love to sleep with a handsom winner like you, with this great attitiude you have towards women' him - really? me - no, get the fuck out of my face dickhead. makes me glad im not one of them lol

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    left ear - forward helix, 1st lobe 10mm, 2nd 1.6, 3rd 1.2, tragus, conch
    right ear - forward helix, 1st lobe 10mm, 2nd 4mm
    sternum microdermal
    A few tattoos

    I want -
    A job that doesnt have a "no visible piercings or tattoos" policy!

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    a lot of people aren't accepting but, its not their body.
    you chose to get it done, don't let what they say effect how you feel about yourself, if you like your septum piercing that's all that should matter

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    I'm not usually one to get upset by things that others say but on some occasions it's happened (weeks on end of insults by "friends"). All you have to do is learn to ignore it I guess. Just remember you got the piercings cos you like them rather than what others think.
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