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Thread: How to deal with criticism about my piercing?

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    I pretty much ALWAYS have my septum down..still get comments (mostly from guys) about why pretty girls get piercings like that and ruin themselves or whatever. I LOVE my septum, I feel really weird with it up..

    If you're confident with how you look, then I really think it affects whether people feel like they should comment. For some reason humans tend to pounce on people that appear insecure or wary that people might say something.

    As for the general public, piercings are becoming more and more mainstream, there are a lot more actors/musicians with they are only going to get more accepted by society.
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    Thanks for everyone's comments. I actually feel a lot better. Though I'm still a little unprepared for school since I've been known to be different and quiet from everyone (but I do have friends). I will wear it down most of the time unless I am told I have to keep it up by a teacher (but I don't see why I should because I've seen kids with lip piercings) I actually had a close friend at my school who had snakebites and an eyebrow piercing and all our friends accepted her,they actually thought they were cool,but she's longed moved now. I know for a fact the group of friends at school I hang out with will like it and such. I haven't gotten any random strangers that I have no idea who they are tell me something. I've actually had my mom's boyfriend say rude stuff about it,and my mom but I don't mind my mom since she's never really liked piercings. But what made me a little bit sad is that my closest friend (she's older than me and doesn't go to my school) told me that she didn't like it,but she did say it nicely. It kind of upset-ted me because I would expect my best friend to say something positive about something I got done,y'know? But ah well. I'm so sensitive about it because I just got it done. I really do hope as time progresses that piercings,tattoos,gauges will get accepted,because I so plan on getting more in the future. But, I don't see why if someone has a few piercings how it would bother someone? Hmmm,but thanks again everyone.
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    With regards to your friend at least she has been honest with you, sign of a good friend in my opinion, remember not everyone will like it. I don't like certain piercings and if asked for a genuine opinion I'd say so but I'd never be rude about it.

    There will always be people out there that don't like something about you, whether it's your piercings, tattoos, shoes, shirt, the way you breathe, anything! It's the way people are, just remember to live your life the way you want and do what makes you happy rather than worrying about what everyone else thinks in the process.
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    Good philosphy imo ^^^
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    to make my life easier, i hide my septum 90% of the time. im not aloud it on show at work, and i know my mom and bf would hate it, so i just keep it hiden around them. its for me, not them, and i dont want their negative coments to bring me down. when i go out with it down, i do notice people treating me differently though, its viewed as a bit hardcore lol and people make assumptions about me, the music i like etc makes me laugh really

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    People have commented on my piercings and also commented on my plan to stretch my lobes

    You get the usual "why do you want to do that to yourself?", "its horrible"

    my response is "I dont give a toss what you think its my body and i will do with it what i like"

    dont take any notice of them, its there downfall
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    Quote Originally Posted by Summergale View Post
    Good philosphy imo ^^^

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    I'm an old timer who has got back into piercing after a long break due to work and stuff. I have to say that I'm delighted to see young folks going for it and experimenting with their look. My first piercing was in the 80's and the reaction was very negative. I conformed and I so regret that now. I'm now in my 40s and I thought that I'd get back into body piercing before I turn 50. I'm lucky that my boss loves her workers to be individuals and judges us by our work not how we look. I have 8 mm stretched lobe, a tragus and some intimate ones too. I get some negative comments, but I laugh and blame my mid life crisis. But I've learned that it important to be true to yourself. At your stage of your life it's important to try things and find your style, be an individual. So I say don't be discouraged, take pride in your piercings and enjoy that they make you feel good and confident. People will always respond positively to a confident you. J

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    My best friend told me she didn't like my new hair colour once and it upset me slightly but I think as a general rule people don't like change. They don't like it because they are not used to it thats all. I hated my bf's haircut when he got it all chopped short but now I find him just as attractive as before just needed about a week to get used to it. Hopefully it will just be that. I've prepared my friends at work for my upcoming piercings, they've all said they didn't think they'd suit me as I'm not the "typical" type to get those but they have all said I can always take them out if they don't suit me or I don't like them. None of them would be rude to me though, they'll just accept me I'm happy I have work mates like I do.

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    Hi Lustix

    I'm a happily married guy in my mid thirties and a couple of years ago I got my nostril pierced. It seemed a strange thing for me to do given that I'm sensitive myself to criticism but I really wanted the piercing.

    My nostril piercing is what makes me an individual and it sets me apart from the masses. If people want to criticise it then I simply let it go over my head. You’ll soon realise that you get much more positive feedback then negative regarding your piercing.

    Hopefully my post will inspire you wear your piercing with pride. As long as you're happy with it, I wouldn’t worry too much what other people think.

    Best Wishes


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