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Thread: Cheek Piercing Hypertrophic Scarring/Keloid? Help :(

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    Default Cheek Piercing Hypertrophic Scarring/Keloid? Help :(

    So I had have my cheek piercings for 13 months, a couple months ago one of them got extremely irritated and sank into my cheek. The piercing itself is 16 g and the hole was a quarter of the size of the, of course, it stretched the hole. Now its all healed and dandy, but there's a pink scar left behind the size of the bead. Its barely noticable with my piercing in, but if I ever decide to take it out I'm worried to have this raised scar on my face. Is there any way to remove it? Any treatments? I am sure it is hypertrophic because it hasn't grown...but will it ever go away or am I stuck with this forever?

    thanks for any responses.

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    Your piercing is 16g? 1.2mm? That's way too thin, especially for cheeks. I'd say try chamomile compresses, and see how that changes it-you may have to resort to something stronger, but if you want to keep your piercings you should probably think about stretching them too.
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    Seriously? You got your cheeks pierced at such a small gauge?????? Stretch up to 1.6mm or 2mm as soon as possible, not only will that stop any problems in the future but it was also hide the red mark. I think you are lucky to have gotten away so lightly from what happened.

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