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Thread: How do you know when your tattoo is surface healed?

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    Default How do you know when your tattoo is surface healed?

    Hey everyone I just got a tattoo on Friday and it's now Tuesday morning and I have no signs of any heavy scabbing, just flaking here and there (which is normal right?) I've never had any scabbing on my tattoos in the past.

    My question is, how much longer before it is basically healed and fine to just go around as normal...when do I know when the flaking is finished and it's healed up?

    I just wash it in the morning, apply thin layer of Bepanthen on and same at midday, same at night and it's now 4th day and I know it hasn't fully healed because it's still got flaking on it, how much longer?

    Will it probably be done by Sunday 1 week 1/2 near enough?

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    It can take a few weeks for a tattoo to fully heal, but its usually completely okay after about 2-3 weeks in my experience. However, it can depend on the individual, how deep the tattoo is, etc. However, I wouldn't expose it to chemicals like in a swimming pool or to direct sunlight (with or without sun cream) for at least a month, if not longer.

    Hope this helps
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    Thanks I can't remember how long it took for my others to be surfaced healed and this one I want healed 4 days seems like forever, I'm hoping in the next few days it will have flaked and healed to surface.

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