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Thread: what piercing do you crave but your partner has said no way

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    My boyfriend thinks all piercings and tattoos are horrible and he got really angry when i got a tattoo done regardless (my body - my rules) but he chilled out after a while and realised he had basically been a dick and no matter what i do to my body i'm still the same person inside - although he wouldn't get any body mods on his own body - he came to the conclusion that it's not his decision and to make a relationship breaker on something so trivial wasn't worth it. Well i certainly hope so anyway!
    L Ear: 13mm lobe, 8mm lobe, snug, industrial, daith, tragus
    R Ear: 13mm lobe, 8mm lobe, 4 x helix, rook, tragus
    Other: 6mm Tongue, Septum, bridge/erl, 2 x philtrum

    Christina, Left eyebrow, Industrial (R Ear), 5mm lip

    Star on left forearm
    'Freedom' in script on right forearm
    GITS Neck Ports
    Dragon Quest Slime on left wrist

    Cosmetic tattoos:
    Eyebrows (‘retired’)

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    Same, my boyfriend words for the police and hasn't got any mods at all. He's always gone on about what people must think of the way I look, when I don't fit in places he takes me it all because "Well, look at you, they've never seen someone like you before".
    I used to ask my ex about piercings, but he was a dick, bashed my stretched ear so it bled all down my neck and denied anything (I had to heal it up, gets me so angry to this day!), and he liked to poke at piercings telling me they "didn't hurt", when... yes they did, he'd never had any.
    So now I just get them, boyfriend doesn't like them and doesn't hide it but fuck it...
    LEFT EAR: Lobe x5, Tragus, Helix.
    RIGHT EAR: Lobe x3, Tragus, Forward Helix.
    FACIAL/ORAL: Tongue, Left Nostril, Septum.
    BODY: Navel, VCH.
    TATTOOS: Custom lower back Art Noveau peacock feather design.
    Central labret.
    Lobe, Side Labret, Surface Forward Helix.

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    Have to say the onoy thing hubby wont let me do is stretch my ears so im stuck with fake plugs :/ however of lste hes put his foot down with tattoos says hes fed up with the decreasing amount of skin colour lol

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    My boyfriend has said a massive no to nipple or genital piercings, apparently they look 'gross' and 'slutty' and he 'doesn't want some random piercer seeing those bits.' I absolutely don't agree with his opinions, and we had a lot of fights over it and his hypocrisy over the fact that he has a nipple piercing himself (apparently its okay for guys), but in the end I decided to let it go seeing as he wouldn't get a piercing if I hated it, so I decided to extend him the same courtesy. If it was any other piercing though, I would tell him to go fly a kite, but suppose I can understand his reluctance when it comes to nipple or genital.

    I have:
    Stretched lobes at 20(ish)mm
    6x 1.6mm lobe piercings
    9x Helix piercings
    2x Conch piercings
    6x Labret piercings
    1x Medusa piercing
    5mm tongue piercing
    2x nostril piercings
    10mm septum piercing
    Bridge piercing
    2x anti-eyebrow piercings
    2x eyebrow piercings
    2x cheek piercings
    Nape piercing
    Navel piercing
    Heart shaped brand on left foot
    4 tattoos (and quite a few stick and pokes)

    I want:
    More tattoos!

    Tongue web
    Third eye microdermal
    2x nipple piercings
    2x hip surface piercings

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    my partner doesnt want me to get any but i did and hes fine with it, he also doesnt want me to get more but i am
    my bf has none but he does have his ears pierced but doesnt wear jewelry i have talked him into a ear stretch and hes said hed like a little one, i have one at 12mm he thinks its too big but, i bought a 14mm stretcher and hes like why?! but hes ok with my piercings.
    he hated my recent peircing said i was insane but he shows it off to people more than i do!
    i think hes realised he has a crazy gf

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    i really want an apadravya, but she said no. i said she was the one who would benefit the most. still said no. i guess i'll have to keep on trying.
    industrial (scaffold), labret, 3.2mm tongue, 2 x 2mm nipples, 2 x 4mm prince albert, 2 x 2mm frenums, 4 x lorum 1 x 6mm 1 x 3.2mm 2 x 2.4mm

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    if that my was partner asking i she could get her nipples and genitals pierced it would be a big yes instantly. its not like anythings gonna happen between you and your piercer. your partner needs his head
    industrial (scaffold), labret, 3.2mm tongue, 2 x 2mm nipples, 2 x 4mm prince albert, 2 x 2mm frenums, 4 x lorum 1 x 6mm 1 x 3.2mm 2 x 2.4mm

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    My boyfriend only has his tongue pierced, but he's fine with whatever I want to get
    I did have an ex who disliked pretty much all non-lobe piercings though, which was annoying! >_<
    All opinions are not equal. Some are a great deal more robust, sophisticated and well supported in logic and argument than others - Douglas Adams

    Current: Lobes x2, Snug (left ear), Forward Helix (left ear), Daith (right ear), Tongue, Navel, Nostil (left)
    Future: Lobes (again), Scaffold (right ear), Conch (right ear), Tragus (left ear), Helix x2 (left ear), VCH

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    The boyfriend claims to not understand the point of piercings that aren't lobe piercings, or tattoos or other body mods. However, he has mentioned on occasion my back would look good with a tattoo on it, and he appreciates my nipple piercing

    I'd probably inform him beforehand next time I get a piercing (I didn't when I got my nipple done and felt guilty about it) but if I really wanted it done, his opinion wouldn't stop me.
    “With some effort, I recognised the underlying design, which was based on a very old pattern, the briar rose. Somehow Master Tielhard had kept the dramatic vigor of the archaic lines, yet infused them with a subtlety that spoke at once of the vine, the bond and the lash. The thorny lines were stark black, accented in only a few choice hollows with a teardrop of scarlet”

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    Most of the guys I've dated have liked my piercings, they think they're "sexy", lol. But I've dated guys in the past who tried to change me in various ways or prevent me from doing whatever & it never worked out. The last was a guy who hated my septum & tried to get me to take it out. He said it made me look "like an ugly bull". Nice, huh? My septum is very meaningful to me- It's more than just a piercing, it symbolizes me finally coming to terms with my nose, accepting it, and even loving it(backstory; I have a somewhat "strong" Romanian nose that I've hated since middle school. I wanted a nose job more than anything up until very recently when I began researching my heritage & realized that I have the same nose as many of my ancestors, and now I'm proud of it :3). Long story short- I didn't get rid of my septum, I got rid of HIM. Right now there's a girl on my facebook whose husband is giving her crap about getting more tattoos. She's been 'compromising' for years but is totally miserable. She recently got a new tat & her last status was "he's making me sleep on the couch". I think it's utterly disgusting that people can be so shallow that a tattoo or piercing could make them behave that way toward their partner. SMH

    To each their own, but I'd rather be single than be with someone who won't let me be myself. Cooties is right- you could end up resenting your partner for holding you back. Do what you want with your own body. They'll get over it & if they don't, they probably weren't right for you anyway.
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