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Thread: Helix/Rook Aftercare help

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    I put a cup on the kitchen bench or table and sort of just rest my head in it sideways. It is a bit tricky and you'll probably always get some water spilling but it can be done
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    I tried submerging this morning with a ramekin type dish whilst I lay on the floor. It seemed to work a treat, washed my ear with clean water when I went in the shower afterwards, thought I was doing good.

    I took a trip to my piercer this afternoon to get my tragus bar changed to a shorter bar. I still had the original jewelry and was a lot longer than it now needs to be and I keep catching it. While he was looking at my ear he showed concern for my rook piercing and said he was tempted to take it out :-O He changed the bar on my tragus then checked and cleaned my rook, he did say there was some puss and that the CBB possibly wasn't allowing air flow through the piercing. As of now I still have it in as I was very reluctant to let him take it out (I know heís the professional). I agreed to go back to the shop next week and let him take another look at it.

    I am so so disappointed; I didnít think there was any thing wrong, it is more swollen than my non pierced rook. I had just put that down to it still being early days.

    Any tips? Or shall I just enjoy my last few days before I inevitably have to retire my rook?

    Any suggestions for a substitute piercing? Iím sure the rule is I get credit for a different piercing if it doesnít take. Rook this morning Rook just now - untouched ear

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