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Thread: nose wont heal!!!

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    Default nose wont heal!!!

    i had my nose done about 2/3 years ago and it still hasnt healed, could it be cause he done it on an angle not straight through?
    if i catch it it really hurts

    im refusing to take it out and let it heal over

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    How was it done, with a needle or gunned?
    What type of jewellery were you pierced with and what do you wear now?
    Also what material?

    It might well be because it's been pierced at an angle that it still twinges occassionally, what makes you so sure it's not healed? Maybe try some chamomile compresses to calm it down and change the jewellery over to a titanium nose screw (if you haven't already got very similar jewellery in). Just out of interest does it look angry or red from the outside of is it just feeling tender?
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    My nose was pierced with a gun.
    I never had any problem with it, but I hear ya.
    I have the same problem with my labret.
    It was pierced 5 years ago and the inside still hasn't healed. (outside is fine)
    If I take it out for more than 20min at a time,
    it closes up and then I have force it through tearing it open and bleeding.
    Needless to say, I don't take it out very often.
    I'd like to know why too.

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    why not get it repierced? on the other side? will close up with virtually no scar.

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