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Thread: Ear stretching question?

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    Default Ear stretching question?

    ok so I'm about to begin stretching my ears. I already bought an acrylic stretching kit, with acrylic tapers and plugs. however now I'm hearing its bad to use acrylic for freshly stretched ears.

    I dont understand how that's possible when every stretching kit I saw was acrylic, none were glass or metal, so I'm wondering how other people have bought acrylic stretching kits and had no problems, yet everyone says acrylics are bad. obviously not if others have used them.

    anyways, I NEED HELP! someone said as long as you clean your ears and the acrylic plug each day, its ok to use them. then I heard someone say you cant move the plug around too much and you cant take them out until they've healed. so how would I go about cleaning the plugs/my ears without disturbing them too much?

    then there's others who have said, no matter what, acrylics are not acceptable to use when beginning stretching.

    can anybody WITH EXPERIENCE help me? I'd rather have experienced people's opinion rather than professionals. PLEASE. I'm so confused! I need as much information and help as I can get. all answers are really, greatly appreciated

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    It's best to use glass or metal for a few reasons... they are less porous so they're less likely to trap bacteria. They are autoclavable.. not 100% necessary if you're taking it good and slow but it's still a good idea. Some people react badly to acrylic, my ears would flare up when I wore acrylic jewellery for more than a few days. And I've heard a few people on here talking about it degrading during long term wear... but I've no experience with this so I can't say much more on the subject.
    Acrylic is cheap and flimsy, basically. I always boil my jewellery before using it, can't do that with acrylic... in fact I'm pretty sure you can't even soak it in surgical spirit. So while they don't need to be autoclaved, they're still difficult to keep clean.

    It doesn't matter so much if you're just going to use it for a few seconds as a taper, however metal tapers are preferable due to them causing less traction.

    Acrylic is becoming more popular though, as stretching piercings becomes "trendy". A lot of teens (and adults, too) who are doing it for the fashion aspect will not do a lot of research and just buy whatever is cheap and pretty looking. The manufacturers are only supplying the demand.

    I'd sincerely recommend you buy plugs or tunnels in each size made of metal as they're also a fair bit comfier!
    You won't die or anything if you stretch with acyrlic, I'm just saying other materials are miles better.
    ALSO some advice if you're starting out stretching your ears: make SURE 100% you're happy with the placement. If you think your ears are a bit uneven now, chances are they'll only look more obvious by the time you get to 0g.
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    if youve already got them, the acrylic tapers will be fine just not as easy going through as the metal ones so lube 'em up!
    theres no way i would use acrylic plugs though as theyre just not nice and can make your ears sore/red etc. my ears hate acrylic plugs! your lobes should feel a lot better and heal up a lot quicker if you wear metal instead, which in the long run means more successful stretching!

    as for hygiene and acrylic, as long as the tapers are brand new and youre not swapping with friends or anything you should be fine IMO.

    and yes, people will say theyve stretched fine with acrylic plugs/tunnels. these are probably the same people who stretch up every 2 weeks and get blowouts and bloody lobes and say stretching is the worse pain EVER!

    as for cleaning you can soak them in sea salt solution twice a day although i mainly use LITHA with my lobies i think when i was stretching i had the metal tubes with 2 o-rings on and i would take off the o rings and wash those and give the tunnel and my ears a wipe round both sides with a dampened cotton bud to get off crusties although im sure soaking would have been a lot better in the long run
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    You can buy metal taper sets. I don't know where you live or what size you want to go to or what your budget is so can't advise where is best for you to order from.

    However acrylic isn't too good for fresh stretches. You don't need to soak when stretching, that's only for actual piercings. Just wash them in the shower every day and pop the plugs/tunnels back in.

    Cheap way to stretch is to dead stretch at small sizes (say up to 2 or 3mm) then use PTFE tape adding a couple of layers every few days. The tape can be bought for as little as 50pence. A nice thing to pop in your lobes and is pretty cheap are metal septum bullets.

    If you want more information we have an thread dedicated to stretching with a guide on the first page here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alisha_riots View Post
    I'd rather have experienced people's opinion rather than professionals.
    "I'd rather hear thousands of anecdotal stories in the hope one of them is of someone that got lucky with acrylic than listen to sound advice of a professional that's going to give me buyer's remorse on this cheap plastic shit I just got from eBay"

    Seriously. Acrylic is shit, yes it's entirely possible you'll be fine with it but your choices are:

    Use acrylic, do fine for a few stretches, then suddenly find your ears fucked up beyond all recognition, getting some nasty infection and either setting yourself back half a year or completely losing your lobe piercings altogether.


    Spend 20 on some metal tapers and some appropriate plugs every 6 weeks or so at the size you need and never have a risk of doing any damage at all.

    Of course this was a waste of 3minutes of my time though as i'm a professional and my advice isn't as good as some anecdotal bullshit that will make you feel better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alisha_riots View Post
    ok so I'm about to begin stretching my ears.

    I'd rather have experienced people's opinion rather than professionals.
    If you're going to take random people's advice just because they were lucky, over professionals advice, then you really aren't mature and serious enough about stretching your ears.
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