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Thread: Festivals banning "legal highs" but not booze?

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    So actually what will happen is now they are not legal they will be illegal, the people taken them don't really care so will just become crims !

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    I agree, that's completely illogical. However I've smoked a ridiculous amount of different legal buds, and after lots of denial, I have to admit that shit is not good for you. It's not regulated so the ingredients aren't listed. I know for a fact that some of it contains acetone (nail polish remover) in addition to literally who knows what. 95% of the time I get a headache after smoking any legal buds, and twice I've blacked out. The last time I smoked legal I passed out at the top of a staircase and woke up laying on my garage floor. Since then, I decided I'd rather smoke weed and take the chance of going to jail than put that synthetic shit in my body. If we're questioning why alcohol and cigarettes are legal and marijuana is not, when marijuana is significantly less harmful to your health, I couldn't tell you. That's a whole discussion I won't even get in to.
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    With alcohol it's only a minority that get wasted on it at festivals....most people want to remember the bands they saw and the experiences they are having and alcohol is just viewed as a refreshment.......unknown substances can cause a reaction in one person that can cause horrible problems for all involved ie friends, doctors, event organisers....just one big headache!
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    Generally legal highs can sometimes be worse for you than illegal drugs, since they usually have a lot more synthetic stuff in them, it's just like Meow Meow. I also suppose that people have a lot more experience with alcohol, so they know how to deal with it. The festival is generally selling the alcohol so they can regulate it as well. (But I guess you can bring your own in as well...)

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