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Thread: Dimple Piercing!

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    Default Dimple Piercing!

    My main concern is how bad the scaring may be after... could anyone describe the extent of the scaring or show pictures?
    I have natural dimples which i pretty deep so that may conceal a scar when i smile.
    Please reply. xoxo

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    From what I see it causes your dimples to become more noticeable and you get little dark dots. It's hard to explain but I've seen them.
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    Hi I've had both my cheeks done (on the dimples). One got severely infected and had to be surgically removed, the other I got bored of and took out myself. Both have no scars, even the one that had to be cut out. I still have my slight dimples too. I had pretty deep ones when the jewellery was first taken out, but they filled out again within a few weeks.
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