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Thread: First Tattoo- Thoughts and Advice?

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    Default First Tattoo- Thoughts and Advice?

    Okay, so, I've come to the conclusion I'd quite like a tattoo. For the record, I'm not yet nineteen, so, perhaps some of you will want to ward me off getting anything inked just yet, given, although legal, I'm still pretty young.

    But that's not really what I'm asking; if I have any reservations about it, I won't get it done. Likewise, I have plenty of adult friends who can tell me that I am an idiot if need be.

    I've thought of a design as where to place it and such. It's an ambigram of my name (that I designed) on my inner left wrist. Yeah, I realise it's not THAT original, but given the nature of the design, it was either my wrist or my hand... It was decided wrist was better as it's easier to hide.

    I'm still working on the design a bit, as I'm not 100% sure on it just yet. Someone suggested getting the basic name, and then embellishing it at a later date. She's got a point, but I'm still toying with fonts, if nothing else.

    I guess I'm rambling now. I guess what I want to ask is about tattoos in general. I'm more of a piercing person than a tattoo person and so know very little about them in general. My mum has one, and no one else in my family has any so its not like they can really help, other than if they think it looks good or not.

    General questions are, I guess;
    -What is the pain like on the inner wrist? Not that I have anything to compare it to.
    -My best friend has a wrist tattoo, and in less than a year has had to have the black block colour (but oddly, not the outline, even on the black area) recoloured; is this something specific to the area, something that should influence my choice, or is it more luck of the draw/quality of the tattoo?
    -Is it likely, due to my age, I might regret this, even though I may not regret the design? (Sounds daft. I know you can ALWAYS regret a tattoo, I guess I'm asking more along the lines of, should I wait until I'm a bit older, or, if I like the design now, should I just go for it? I've had adult friends tell me they wouldn't regret the design, so I guess that's not a problem...?)
    -Just what's it like getting/having a tattoo in general?

    I can post images of the design if people are interested. As I said, still not got the design fully sorted, so it'd be nice to hear people's opinions of it.

    Well, thanks in advance. =)

    EDIT: I guess what I meant to say before about possibly regretting it is, other than I like the design and think it's quirky I don't really have a steadfast meaning to it. My mum's tattoo is a very personal thing to her, but for me this'd just be, well, a body mod. So, would I potentially regret not having something that meant something per se? Or is that not something (just the lack of meaning) that will really make me regret it?
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    I think it's a little odd to have your own name tattoo'd on yourself? But that's just my opinion.

    My tattoo was done when I was about 20 (8 years ago ish) ... not quite spur of the moment but ... I had the placement and general shape in my head for a long time, then I saw an image I liked and it clicked. So there's not really any meaning behind it as such, I just loved it and wanted it done. I still love it and can't imagine not loving it.

    I think what I'm trying to say is if you love it, if you want it, if you can live with it every day and still love it, then do it

    As for getting tattoo'd, it wasn't really painful for me (its on my stomach though, wrist might hurt) but it was tickly and scratchy and pretty annoying actually. It's quite a small tat though so didn't take long.
    Some parts of it could maybe do with touching up, most of the outline in fact but there's not much point because the patchiness is actually scars from the tattoo process. I scar very easily. You could probably tattoo me without ink!
    what's a few seconds of pain for a lifetime of shiny?

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    True, I will agree on that. To be honest, it was something I doodled when I was thirteen, forgot about, then found again when I was cleaning out my room about a year or so ago... I just thought it looked like it might make an interesting tattoo design. =P

    Plus (dunno why I feel a need to justify myself, but, hey, there you go. ^^' ) it kinda all fits in with something I love and cherish and have done since childhood; Alice in Wonderland. Partly because I share a name with the heroine, I fell in love with it so much, and adore the bizarreness of it all... So, an ambigram of Alice's name, seems rather fitting from that perspective; just a little out of the ordinary, and something that means a great deal to me.

    But as I said, I chose it because I like it, the Wonderland 'meaning' is almost something I've thought of in retrospect. =P I do agree, my own name is a bit odd, but 'words' don't mean much to me at all... So, I dunno? It just seems like an idea. (=

    That's good to hear that you still like yours, even so many years on. =) Like you, mine's more aesthetic than anything else. But it's nice to know tattoos that don't have a meanign or a reason can still be as well loved as those that do.

    You've been really helpful, thanks. ^_^ I appreciate it.

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    If you regret it, it will be in about 10, 20 years? Laser removal already exists, so who knows how advanced it will be then! Just because they're pretty much permanent now doesn't mean they always will be.
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