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Thread: Finally getting my first tattoo!

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    Default Finally getting my first tattoo!

    I have been waiting to turn 18 for like. ever. And been waiting for a tattoo for possibly a bit longer than that.
    So i turned 18 on new years day this year and promptly went to the tattoo studio to book my appointment I'm having a simple flower / butterfly design on my foot and can't wait. However. I am CRAPPING myself. Nearly everyone I have spoken to are like omg. foot? ouch. - so yeah. scared. hahaha anyways; just wondered on everyone's experience of foot tattoos? I'm going for it at 2 on Wed at Blood Sweat and Tattoos just a trip up the road from me. They're lovely in there and the studio was veeeeeeeerrrrry sparkly and clean when I went in which made me happy can't wait!
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    I wont lie, my foot HURT! I have two tattoos, one on my foot and one on my scalp. My foot hurt a ton worse, but in saying that, its nowhere near unbearable pain! Your artist will relax you and talk you through everything, you're allowed to ask them to stop for a breather if you need it. Remember to take a sugary drink and choccie bar, eat well before you go and remember your ID! Remember to keep breathing all the way through, natural instinct when you're in pain is to stop breathing, but take long slow breathes and relax!

    Oh and shoes, I wore flip flops for mine, but in all honesty, soon as I got home (had to go out again) I changed into normal socks and shoes and it was fine. Just be careful about putting them on obv

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    ooo the foot for a first tatt
    good luck x

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