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    Default clip in jewelled ball

    Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me if this is for a basic 1.6mm bcr or will it fit larger gauges, i'm after getting a blackline 2.4mm bcr and was wondering if this would clip into this.

    Also i'm having trouble finding any blackline or black coloured 1.2mm nose screws, just wondering if you would beable to offer any assistance on this.

    Current: 25mm lobes, 3mm conch, tragus, 4mm septum, nose, lip, medusa and cheek piercings.

    Retired: forehead microdermal, high nostrils, anti eyebrows, facial microdermals, anti tragus, labret, nipple.

    Fair few tattoos including labyrinth theme sleeve, panserbjørn back piece and some forest folk.

    Looking ahead to nostril punches, ear pointing, vertical bridge and a few others.

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    The clip in balls clip into a variety size of BCR's, for your 2.4mm you will need a 6mm ball but if its a large diameter over 16mm you will need an 8mm ball. The problem being we don't do 8mm clip in balls anymore, sorry.

    We don't do any Blackline 1.2mm nose screws, but you could try this:

    You can use these jewell balls on the labret as well:
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