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Thread: what would you do if you won the lottery?

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    Smile what would you do if you won the lottery?

    the title is self-explanitary really for some reason it seems to be a major topic of discussion within my family o.O
    So i thought i'd make a thread. I mean like a maaahhhoosive amount of money.
    I'll go first;
    i'd try to forget about it until just after these January exams!
    Then i'd have a masive party.
    Buy my friends, family and boyfriend lots of well good presents.
    Buy some new shoes, my main day-to-day ones have holes in and i can't afford new ones :(
    Get my tongue pierced! Get lots of other piercings and beautiful jewellery.
    A couple more parties.
    I'd take my favourite people on holiday
    I'd pay off my mum's mortgage and give her a bit to spend on what she wants.
    I'd buy my sister a horse and the necessary equipment.
    I'd put a fair bit away for future mods.
    Then i'd put the rest in a savings account for when i've finished education/being a teenager/sorting myself out etc.

    How about you?
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    Probably something like....

    Buy my mom a house and a new car, and a holiday to New York! And pay off my dads mortgage, although he's almost paid it off anyway and he's pretty well off, haha - already has a car he loves, all the gadgets he could possibly want, etc. My mom has struggled with money her entire life, I'd love to be able to take that worry away from her for once.
    Buy myself a house, a new car, a Maine Coon cat and a new iMac.
    Go on loads of amazing holidays with my boyfriend.
    Buy my boyfriend + friends exciting for some tattoos for my boyfriend, have some big parties, etc.

    And then probably just save the rest/spend it as normal. I can't see myself ever spending massive amounts of money on clothes or anything like that. I imagine I'd still do my obsessive comparison shopping/bargain hunting/etc, heh.

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    first thing would be buy a range rover

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    For my Mum: pay off her debts, pay off her house, get her hip fixed privately (the NHS wont do it for another 10 years cause she's too young even though she's in constant agony).
    For my sister: fly her to America to see her boyfriend , buy her a mcdonalds diet coke and toffee sundae, get her tickets to see good charlotte again.
    For my girlfriend: I'd take her out to dinner in the poshest restaurant.
    For me: I'd pay off my car insurance which is due jan 31st and I don't have the money to pay, then I'd take myself to see the new harry potter film which I haven't been able to see yet!

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    i'd buy my mum, dad and sisters a house, myself a house and my nan 1. i'd put money away to send my son to a good uni, i's aslo put some in accounts for my sisters to use for uni.
    then i'd take my son and sisters to disney, my son really wants to go and i'd love to take my sisters too.
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    ... HUm i'd buy a 4room apartment dont like houses xD, a hummer SUV, donate half of the money and buy a disco/bar xD

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    Heh, that end part sounds like me Kate .

    I'd buy my mum another house by the sea, maybe help out my grandma and the other members of my family i'm close to, though I wouldn't pay for everything-y'know working for something has it's sense of accomplishment and I wouldn't want to be complacent about it.
    I'd probably buy a house for me in the future, a little thatch cottage somwhere, and maybe become self-sufficient(country girl at heart!)
    Possibly a few holidays with friends etc, maybe a nice car and driving lessons, or a Harley.
    I'd probably donate some to an animal charity as well, maybe somewhere where I could actually help out at.
    Probably spoil my animals rotten too, since they really are just as/more important than some of my family
    Travel more, swim with sharks and crocodiles at some point.
    But really, they're dream scenarios, i'd be happy with like 2/3 million max, anymore than that and i'd be terrified-I don't really have any ambitious plans
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    Quote Originally Posted by danni View Post
    i'd buy my mum, dad and sisters a house, myself a house and my nan 1. i'd put money away to send my son to a good uni, i's aslo put some in accounts for my sisters to use for uni.
    then i'd take my son and sisters to disney, my son really wants to go and i'd love to take my sisters too.
    Ummm pretty much this haha! Except I'd buy my mum and sister a house and pay off any debts my sister had. Deffo go disney as I was about to book it last year to go this year but lost my job just as I was going to so decided against it.

    After that I'd probably look to have some form of cool business to oversee and some property abroad.
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    If I won a fair bit of money I'd do the following:

    * Buy my parents a new house
    * Buy myself a new house
    * Personal trainer to extra motivate me to shift weight
    * Boob reduction after losing enough weight
    * Back tattoo
    * Lots more shinies
    * Finish my course in the summer then get a much better job haha
    * Help out the nice people in my life

    Fairly shallow list but sums up what I don't have the money to do right now!
    Stabbings I still have
    Right ear
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    Left ear: helix, conch & tragus
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    - Pay off my parent's mortgage
    - Pay off my boyfriend's car
    - Save enough to pay off my student loans as soon as I'm done
    - Save some for a desposit for a house
    - Go on holiday
    - Put some towards my brother's uni education
    - Learn to drive, and then get a car.
    Right ear: 3x lobe [1x 8mm], rook.
    Left ear: 2x lobe [1x 8mm], auricle, tragus, conch
    Other: Septum, nipples

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