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Thread: what would you do if you won the lottery?

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    I seem to have this conversation a lot so here's where my money's going

    Quit my f**king job!
    Pay off all my family and close friends debts, mortgages, student loans etc even though my brother would probably be hell bent on not accepting it
    Buy my self a small house or flat in the village I currently live in (which I'd try and rent out once I buggered off to uni)
    Buy my self a flat or house in the city I end up at uni in, nothing too extravagant though
    Buy a decent car for myself
    Buy my brother a decent car
    Take my mum on a massive shopping trip so she could buy all the shoes and handbags she wants
    I'd donate some to charity although which ones I'm not sure
    Buy my family a holiday home in Cornwall (on the condition I'm allowed to use it too!)

    I'd still go off to uni and train to be a vet then set up my own practice and a nice house at some point too

    There's probably a whole bunch of other stuff I'd do too
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    If the sum was at least a few million :

    pay off my parents debts for them
    pay off my own debts
    give some to my favourite charities

    invest the rest so that I could get a decent income each year and then quit my job and go and live somewhere sunny, warm and reasonably stable. I guess, though, I'd want to have something to keep me busy so take up a new interest like photography, which I'm keen on and go travelling.

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    *Phone work and laugh maniacally down the phone at them (they would understand this message).

    *Book myself on the first 1st Class flight to Las Vegas I could find, followed by excessive partying with booze and strippers in a penthouse suite with an Infinity Edge swimming pool.

    *Assuming I survived Vegas... I'd buy a flat for each of my 3 best mates, and pay off the mortgages for my 2 brothers.

    *Travel the world.

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    If we're talking a "significant" amount that runs into the millions I would:

    • Move out of this country and find somewhere to build a house for my family not near any cities/towns etc. - with enough land to keep goats, chickens, llamas and horses and be self-sufficient.
    • Make the property fully self-sufficient with power supplied by renewable sources i.e. solar, wind and ground thermal.
    • Invest as much as I could to secure my childrens future.
    • Buy a Maximog Expedition Vehicle
    • Other than that I don't know really, I'm not into all the material things that others seem to be...

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    It would depend on how much I won. But here's what I would do if I won a few million or so.

    1) Pay off my car.
    2) Pay off my credit card.
    3) Pay off my boyfriend's car.
    4) Pay off my boyfriend's credit card.
    5) Pay off my dad's house and pay to fix it up.
    6) Pay off my maternal grandmother's house and fix it up.
    7) Buy a house on a lot of land for my boyfriend and I.
    8) Buy furniture for said house.
    9) Buy a 2011 Mustang GT.
    10) Invest the rest to make even more money off of the rest of my money.

    I'd also still probably work. I'd get bored sitting home all day.
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    pay off my debts
    pay off my parents mortgage, perhaps buy them a new house
    buy new car for me and for my parents
    put some money in savings for my brother
    go on a huuuge shopping trip
    some holidays
    save the rest
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    Ohh me and my flatmate have added to this list: Go on a round the world food trip stopping off in the food capitals of the world and eating delicious food and seeing lovely places.
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    quit working in mcdonalds
    quit working in mcdonalds again, just to make sure
    throw a week long party
    buy a triumph street triple motorbike
    buy a nice flat in glasgow
    get all the piercings i want but can't get because i work in mcdonalds (put your hands up if you see a pattern here)
    anything thats left put in savings and stuff. (or give it to my dad to this for me, since he seems to know every trick there is regarding this)
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    Make my family comfortable and give them a safety net.

    Leave the country for a while.

    Get my own dietician and personal trainer so they can get me down to the dress size that I want.
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    Give my parents enough money to retire early and live comfortably. Pay for my Gran to have a full time carer to help my Grandad out with caring for her.

    I'd hold out on buying any property until finishing my PhD and knowing where I want to end up.

    I'd bank the remainder and finish my PhD, then go cycle my way around europe with nothing but a nice bike (Cannondale SuperSix with Shimano Dura-ace groupset and Mavic Cosmic Carbone Wheelset), a saddlebag, two water bottles and a credit card!
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