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Thread: what would you do if you won the lottery?

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    Well depending on the sum I would pay off my parents current mortgage and see them right.My mum has always said that she would like to live somewhere where she could have some land and have a rescue centre for staffies.
    I would pay off my own debts,finish my education,buy a nice city apartment,do an intensive driving course and get a convertible beetle and have the interior customised to cow print,buy a Hassleblad camera <3,get some micro pigs <3
    help out the people who have been there for me in my life and put the rest away,in general live a good life.
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    First thing I'd do is have a look at the amount of money and start writing up sensible lists.

    I'd probably give a lot of it away to charity, but I think the way I'd do it is put it in bank accounts with a reasonable yield and set up a direct debit so that each charity I chose was getting a certain amount each month with the lump sum going to them upon my death. It'd mean they'd get more in the long run. I'd probably choose Shelter, Banardos, Action Aid and Doctors without Borders.

    I'd get all my friends who had debt issues and I'd pull them out of debt and give them a little cushion of money.

    I'd then invest in property. I'd probably buy my sister's house for her outright, buy my parents a house, buy my other sister a house and buy myself a house. If there was any left over from the sum I'd apportioned myself rather than charity I would invest in property and rent it out. Then I have viable assets to pass on to my children.

    Oh and I'd definitely continue my studies and get a job. Could not just sit at home all day.
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    First of all i will celebrate it with my family, Go out for lunch or dinner and do lot of shopping.

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    Obviously it'd depend what I won, but if I won big..
    I'd give my mum and dad money to do up our house, and I'd pay off any debts they have. I'd also give my mum a bunch of money to keep her going until she can start her pension so she could leave her job (she haaaaaaaaaaaates it). I'd probably do the same for my dad too I'd also make sure my grandad had everything he wanted/needed for.
    I'd help my aunts and uncles out if any of them needed it.
    I'd buy myself a nice biiig country house somewhere for when I graduate and everything and a nice house/flat in town for the next few years.
    I'd buy my boyfriend a car.
    I'd give money to charity.
    I'd get my best mates/boyfriend/family awesome presents.
    If I thought they'd take it I'd give my best mates family money too so they had a nice cushion if they needed it.
    I'd buy ralph a new tank, and a bigger housey for the gerbils
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    I would give all my family a large sum of money to pay for bills, buy a new house, put money in a trust fund for the kids etc cos were all pretty much poor. I'd then buy a big fuck off house (I'd need at least 2 huge rooms for all the dresses and shoes I'd buy lol), learn to drive, buy my other half a Bugatti. Put a small chunk of it in Selenes trust fund. Donate lots to certain charities.
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    Me and John were discussing this last night if it was like one of the triple rollover weeks where the prize is huge I'd:
    Buy a house with a nicely sized Garden
    Buy a new car
    Buy a car for John as I'm not his taxi any longer lol
    Get a Maine Coon and Ragdoll kitten/cat, and build a like outside run for them so they can play and go out and not get lost, killed or stolen. I'd also buy a boxer, then with whats left we'd set up a small business that I can deal with during working hours and giving up my current job.

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    I'd move to Benidorm!

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    I'd live in a log cabin in the woods from the first moment I saw anything christmas related in the shops/tv, until the 17th of december every year.
    I can cope with a week of pre-christmas hype. 3 months? no.
    what's a few seconds of pain for a lifetime of shiny?

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    I'd get my mum, dad, brother and nan out of debt, take them all on holiday, pay off my student loans and keep money aside for my masters and phd, get a nice place in York, and invest money into important archaeological projects and excavations. I'd give to charities too but that goes without saying.
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    Start of with a quick fap, then sit about sucking on a pipe and quaffing fine brandy.
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