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Thread: Snug Ear Piercing

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    Default Snug Ear Piercing

    Okay, so I'm thinking of getting some new holes. Currently torn between inverse navel and snug ear piercing.

    Given I already have a navel piercing, I think I know what to expect there. However, I have no clue about snug piercings.

    I've got a couple of helix piercings (which, I know, compare to nothing, they're so painless and easy to heal), but I also got my rook pierced over a year ago.

    I'm wondering how a rook piercing compares to a snug piercing? Just because that's something I can relate to. (And as they're on the same fold of cartiledge I would assume they're similar?)

    I mean, how much does a snug piercing hurt? Both the initial piercing and after care? I've read in some articles that it's a b***h to heal, is this true? Any more so than a rook piercing?

    I'm just curious. I always like to hear all about a piercing before I commit to it. I've heard lots of people retire their snug piercings before the healing time is over; that's something I would never want to do (I consider it a waste of time, pain and money.)

    So, yeah. What can you tell me about a snug? =)

    Thanks in advance.

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    I have a snug diary up here somewhere. It didn't last! My rook was a breeze compared. It didn't hurt to get pierced btw. Get it and give it a go!

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    I expected my inverse navel to be just like my regular navel (which was a breeze) but blimey it wasnt! Was absolute agony. Looks pretty though :P

    I'd say my snug was my 3rd most painful piercing, and the hardest to heal. But i love how it looks and it's definately worth it. It did hurt a lot having it pierced but not over my pain threshold - i can take any level of pain and not flinch, but push me over that boundary, e.g. inverse navel... and i'll be screaming :P) I didnt even pull a face having my snug done haha so even though it was painful, it wasnt agony. It was doing well until a week after i had it pierced when it suddenly flared up, throbbing, swelling over the bar etc. and i couldnt get the bar out. Constant ibuprofen, chamomile tea, ice and sss's got it down after about 3 days. It's doing fine now, just still some swelling there but nothing worrying, and it's very tender which is to be expected. I get a lot of crusties on it so i'm often just spraying some saline solution on to soften them and using a cotton bud to wipe them away, in between sea salt soaks. Out of all my piercings, it's the one which requires the most babying and care on it so make sure you have time for that
    It does really look good though, and i get a lot of compliments on it

    I love my snuggy and inverse navel!! Sorry that i didn't post much positive stuff there, theyre the only 2 'painful' experiences i've had (other than my medusa but that healed beautifully). It was definately worth it though and pain is subjective. Apparently the inverse navel piercing depends on how much loose skin you have in the area... on some people they experience no pain

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    I expected by standard navel to be like my inverse, but i felt the standard and didn't feel the inverse :P Plus my standard is more crusty. I don't have a snug, but I have a high anti-tragus which borders on snug region; it's over a year old now and still hasn't healed. Constantly bumpy, so I'd imagine a snug would be similar (on me at least! I'm prone to bumps on everything cartilage wise it seems), I would also expect it to be somewhere that can get caught easily - at least while you get used to it being there.

    try it and find out
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    Snugs are painful AND pains in the arses to heal but it was and probably always will be my favourite piercing. Its definitely worth giving it a go if you really want it, though, and if your ear shape is suited to it.
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    Ah, one of my fave piercings
    I'd say getting my snug done was the most painful out of all my piercings, and its been the worst for healing but its all worth it
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    i have my tragus, several helix piercings, a daith my navel and a snug... my snug was by far the most painful piercing...

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