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Thread: Your Piercing(s) and Your Job.

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    Default Your Piercing(s) and Your Job.

    Hello, I hope I'm not being too audacious making a post like this, but I am just honestly curious. I know a lot of jobs don't allow their employees to display their lovely piercings, and I'm curious with what you do and how you might possibly deal with this rule. Retainers are an obvious answer, of course.

    Also there are a few jobs that allow a broader range of facial piercing displays. Are there any lucky people here that have a job or have had a job like this? Did you enjoy it?

    Also, do you have any customers react positively or negatively towards your piercings?

    Ah, and a final question to get this started; what are your piercings and what job do/did you work at?

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    I work at Wal Mart, they don't like piercings. It's actually against the rules - according to the dress code to have any facial piercing, and tongue piercings you have to have a retainer in. You can't even have a retainer in a facial piercing. Though, at the one I work, management is a little nicer and let's us wear retainers. Even some of the assistants have their tongue pierced and wear their jewelry in. I just wear a bioplast stud with an O ring so I can screw on my ball when I get out instead of having to change it out everytime, sooooo much easier.

    One time a weird creepy guy got really close to my lip retainer and said I had something on my face. He also pointed at it. It was really akward and creepy how close he got... I hate customer service.
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    12g first lobes
    14g second lobes
    14g inner conch
    12g tongue
    12g septum
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    Scat Fish upper side right ribcage

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    I've had quite a few piercings. I've removed most of them now because of this very reason; however, I now find myself wishing I never had gotten rid of some.

    My first "real" job was at a small supermarket in the middle of nowhere. They actually let me keep my nose piercing, tongue piercing, and my monroe just fine. The only rule was that when the store owner came around that I either avoided him for the day or removed the monroe while he was around. It was fantastic because I really adored my monroe.

    Later on though, I found myself having trouble finding a job.

    Then was hired on by Wal-Mart, and I just opted to ditch most of my piercings, as per a management. I couldn't let go of my tongue piercing though. I still have it, and probably always will, but I just wouldn't budge on it. Nobody important said anything about it, even when I wore bright colored, sparkly, glow-in-the-dark balls. I told one of my coworkers that I was glad nobody had whined about it, and she said she hadn't even noticed I had any piercings.

    I had one customer in the entire time I worked as a cashier, which was for more than two years total, ask me about my tongue piercing. It was a middle-aged lady and she wanted to know if it "worked" the way it was supposed to, wink-wink--nudge-nudge. I turned beat red, answered her question, and withstood the awkward conversation that followed.

    Since Wal-Mart I've been hired from home. While I was laid off in May of 2010, I will be heading to training next week for another work-at-home job. I expect to have no issues since I will be transitioning home and nobody would notice, and because the piercing doesn't affect my speech pattern (and, luckily, doesn't click against my teeth too much at all). So, I'll be answering calls from people around the United States who have no idea if I have 50 thousand piercings or just a couple.

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    I think in general once you get away from customer service and into the office environment it often gets a bit easier - my current employers don't care what I look like as long as I'm reasonably neat and tidy. My hair has been every colour you can think of and I have facial piercings. I don't interact with customers though; the rules are different for our sales guys.

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    I have worked in shops before, and I actually found that customers were a lot nicer and talked to me a lot more when they had all my piercings in, they were a lot more friendly for some reason. The managers didn't like me wearing them in as 'customers might not like it' pfft they were fine with them! I used to jsut keep them in though when the managers weren't around. Now I'm unemployed and looking for work, the jobcentre keep trying to find me jobs where I can keep them in! I'm like 'nah I can actually take them out you know!'
    Current piercings: 7 in each ear, both tragus, both forward helix, 2 right nostril, ring in left nostril, septum. 3 lower lip piercings, webbing, 2 micro dermals in my chest, left nipple, bottom navel, VCH
    Retired: 2 eyebrow micro dermals, 2 eyebrow rings, both cheeks, 2 lip piercings, top navel
    Future: Lots! Erm my conchs, some surface bars in my chest

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    I am a police officer and our rules are very strict. One pair of small discreet studs, plain watch and a wedding band, end of. Its more for health and safety as much as corporate image as they can still get snagged as my poor nipple found out after taking off my body armour.
    I don't like taking them out, but I don't think too many people would like a police officer to arrive wearing piercings (I only have three visible) and I don't want them to get ripped out in a scuffle

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    I'm a Librarian at my local University and I count myself lucky that they don't mind my piercings. Even though they wouldn't have them themselves my colleagues (they're mostly a fair bit older than me in their 50's) are fascinated by what I've had done and what I'm going to have done next as are the lecturers who know where the library is.

    And I suppose working closely with University students has it's perks, because they often modified too. So I've never really had any kind of negative feedback or comments.. well, at least not to my face! I've even had compliments from students over my mods (piercings and tattoo), which is nice. And even if a student was to criticise my mods, it wouldn't bother me, that's their personal opinion and if they're that petty that they feel the need to comment negatively on my appearance well it proves how shallow an uninteresting their lives are!

    My visible piercings are my nose, septum, rook and stretched lobes and I also have an inner wrist tattoo. I don't wear a large CBB in my septum and just tend to wear a retainer or a small pincher/crescent.. not because work don't approve but because I'm not keen on large jewellery in my septum.
    Current: 4 Lobes (10mm & 2.4mm), Tongue Web, Navel, Right & Left Nostril, VCH (2mm), Right Rook, Septum (3.2mm), Triangle (2.4mm), Left Tragus

    RIP: 2 Sternum Microdermals, Horizontal Nipples, Right Conch

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    I work in an opticians, strictly speaking we're only supposed to have one pair of earrings and a small nose stud on display if we wear any jewellery but my manager and director are fairly laid back and let me keep the majority of my ear piercings in, I take my lobe ones out as they have been healed for years but don't want to risk removing my cartilage ones. I don't wear jewellery in my nostril to work, I wear a retainer in my labret and my septum is kept flipped up.

    I haven't had any patients comment on my piercings in a negative way, I occasionally get a few people asking if my rook/conch hurt because they're considering one but thats about it. We're also supposed to have "natural" coloured hair but my red hair comes in handy because there's another Katy at work so patients just ask for the "one with the red hair" so at least I'm easy to remember lol

    However, I know that when I qualify in the summer and eventually move to another pratice I will either have to start wearing retainers in everything or just remove them completely. Much as I love my piercings my job has to come first.
    Stabbings I still have
    Right ear
    : 2 x helix, conch & rook
    Left ear: helix, conch & tragus
    Tongue web, nostril, septum
    Triangle, VCH & 2 x outers

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    My job doesn't mind facial piercings. I may not like some of the people, but I do enjoy my job.

    I rarely see customers. I've seen maybe 3 of them in the 8 months that I've had my septum pierced and that was just because I was walking around the office when they walked in. One guy actually made a comment of "they let her have that in her nose" to our receptionist, but the other two guys I saw didn't mention anything that I could hear.

    The only facial piercing I have is a 14g (1.6mm) septum. I work in a behind-the-scenes office where I don't have to deal with anyone besides my co-workers. I have an awesome boss. I've worked for her for 5 years and I've always been the "different" one in the office, so she knows how I am and she wasn't even shocked by it when I first showed it to her after I got it. I didn't even ask her about it before I got it because I knew she wouldn't care. Plus, a septum piercing can easily be hidden.

    It really just depends on the work environment. As you can see, you're getting a lot of different responses. I think what it comes down to for people who already have existing facial piercings and are looking for a job, they have to weigh their options. They can try retainers and see if that will work. If it doesn't and the employer tells them they have to be removed, they can either remove them or find another job.

    To me, paying my bills and keeping a job I like is more important than having a piercing. I'm just lucky enough to work at a place where I don't have to make that decision.
    Current: 20g Lobes, 18g Traguses, 14g Septum, 12g Standard Navel, 14g VCH, 14g Tongue.
    Soon to come: Rooks, conches, helixes, 1 more lobe piercing in each lobe.
    Contemplating: Vertical labret, nipples.

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    I work for myself, nuff said
    Piercings: 6 lobes, 2 12mm stretched lobes, 4 helices, 3 tragus, daith, 2 nostril, 2.4mm VCH, 2.4mm daith
    Modifications: 5mm septum punch,
    coinslot ear cartilage removal, 5mm conch punch
    Cosmetic Modifications: Scar removal x7, semi permanent eyebrows, semi permanent eyeliner, semi permanent lipstick, lip dermal filler, botox
    Retired Piercings: 3 nipple, tongue, 4 philtrum, 4 eyebrow, 2 outer labia, VCH, 1 lobe, rook, nostril, 3 nape MDs, 2 wrist MDs, septum, 3 upper conch, conch, 5 helices
    Tattoos: 95 hours
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