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Thread: barbell length with tongue piercing - initial and healed??

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    Default barbell length with tongue piercing - initial and healed??

    i hav esearched but with little success. can someone tell me the usual barbell length for initial and healed tongue piercings?

    i have read 19mm for initial, and switched to 12mm once healed.

    can someone give their opinions, mayne on what length they had, or for any of the pros on here, what they use.


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    It really depends on the person's anatomy.

    Most people need 19-20mm bars but some with small tongues are good with 18mm for initial.

    12mm is small for healed tongue piercings, I myself wear 12mm but my tongue is tiny! Most people wear 14mm though your piercer will be able to give you a good sized bar when you go back for your bar change as some people prefer 16mm after the initial bar or if you are still quite swollen!
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    As Kuku said, it varies from person to person.
    You can have a tiny tongue but you can be the type of person that swells a lot, but you can also have a big tongue but be the type of person that barely swells.
    Personally, I have a tiny tongue and I barely swell. When I first had my venoms done, my piercer used 22mm bar, no need to say it was waaaaay too long, but I never find that uncomfortable. I could always see a huge part of the bar. I think the best for me would be 20-18mm, because I really barely swell and have a tiny tiny tongue. xD
    As for when it's healed, I don't know what I would have used because I took them out after a few days and I never got to change the bars. But it really depends on what you find it's more comfortable to you, just try out some different sizes until you find one that you think it's good
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    I think that mine was pierced with a 18 or 16 mm bar. Now it's healed I wear a 12mm one which is still slightly too long but I'm pretty sure most standard sized tongue bars are 14mm.

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    Mine was pierced at 22mm, downsized 2 weeks later to 18mm, then downsized again a few weeks later and has stayed at 14mm.

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    I think my initial one was 20mm or 22mm, downsized to 16mm after 2 weeks, then to 14mm which is what I wear all the time now.
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