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    05/10/2010 - Day 1

    Woohoo! Finally had my scaffold pierced today. I've wanted one for aaages, but always thought I'd save it 'til last as I know it's a long, difficult healer. I have just moved to Brighton on my yacht so decided now would be a fitting time to have it done.

    I went to Punktured in the North Laine area yesterday but unfortunately they didn't have any appointments free that day, so I booked a slot for 2pm today and paid a 10 deposit - it costs 30 in total. I caught a bus in today and my girlfriend came with me, we only just made it with a bit of time to spare.

    Shamima was my piercer, which I was slightly apprehensive about as she is listed on their website as their new receptionist - I decided to go with it, she was absolutely lovely, chatty and really knowledgeable, great hygiene which I always notice and obviously think is important.

    The pain aspect of a piercing doesn't usually bother me but I was quite anxious about it for this one, I needn't have been though - it hardly hurt! Possibly even the least painful/uncomfortable. I absolutely love it, and already can't imagine my ear without it.

    A few hours later and it doesn't hurt, unless I think about it and then I am aware of it being there. I wonder how sleeping will be tonight - luckily I always tend to rest my head on the left side, so I shouldn't find it too hard not sleeping on it.

    I shall keep this updated... I am planning aftercare consisting of a SSS once a day, but not religiously, plus washing it in the shower with plain warm water.

    Photo - I looooooove it, perfect placement, I can't imagine not having it!

    have tongue, nostril, secret septum, scaffold , x2 helix, lobe 6mm, lobe 7mm, x2 lobe 1.6mm
    want rook, conch, daith, nipple, lobes 8mm

    20 // live on a yacht in brighton // love

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    thats looks so pretty. dont usually like these, but you may have talked me into it!!! xx congrats
    Hi I'm Jayne
    L and R lobes x2, L&R low auricles, L&R conches,L&R tragus, L nostril, central tongue, standard navel

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