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    Default The Mental Health Thread

    Please be aware that this thread may contain discussion on topics which could contain triggers for some people. This should be somewhere that members can share, but try to tread carefully and note that it subject to the same forum rules as any other thread - ridicule, flaming and excessive swearing will not be tolerated. - .Only.Streetlights.

    I haven't seen another thread on here like this, so I thought I'd start one off.

    The soul purpose of this is to discuss anything mental health related, whether it be from eating disorders, to self harm, depression, ANYTHING!

    I thought of this mainly as I've been through a tumult of stuff, and thought well, people on here are lovely, and where else is better to just talk about different aspects of mental health.

    Mental health is an annoyingly tabooed subject, so, here this thread is, to give support, encouragement, and help to other members, also to discuss what you've been through with no prejudice to worry about, cus hey! We're all different people but all really accepting I've found

    So, here we are.

    I've had both bulimia and anorexia. Borderline personality disorder is till hanging over my head, as is an annoyingly inconvenient social anxiety disorder. I hate the term disorder, it's a right bugbear of mine!

    ANYWAY. Come on guys, lets rid the world of this stigma attached to mental health and get talking!
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