Show off your stretchings in style with these 2in1 flesh plug and taper. This set gives you two looks in one, both featuring a gorgeous synthetic discs that shines with various colours on the 5 designs.

This 2in1 flesh plug and taper is great value, comfortable to wear and looks fantastic. It consists of 3 parts: 1 flesh plug back, 1 tapered back and a front disc that screws onto both of them. The taper makes more of a statement but the plug is more comfortable for sleeping etc.

Made from PMMA acrylic, this 2in1 plug and taper is comfortable, lightweight and durable. The design is sealed under a clear layer instead of printed on the surface, so it will not fade or scratch.
2 in 1 plug / Taper - 5 designs - 3mm - 19mm

2in1 PMMA Flesh Plug & Taper - Abalone

2in1 PMMA Flesh Plug & Taper - Blue Prism

2in1 PMMA Flesh Plug & Taper - Carbon Fibre

2in1 PMMA Flesh Plug & Taper - Zebra Stripe

2in1 PMMA Flesh Plug & Taper - White Star