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Thread: Part of order refunded, no explanation

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    Default Part of order refunded, no explanation

    Placed an order from here Monday, a couple of sparkly threaded balls (no sniggering at the back) which I really needed, and added a couple of other bits to bump it over 10.

    Got a Paypal email today that just said 'have removed and refunded [sparkly balls]'. Nothing else. Is it me or is that a bit rubbish? At the very least I'd have thought a) an reason why I can't have them (they're still available to order on the site) and b) the chance to choose what I want to do about them/the rest of my order would have been polite.

    I think the rest of it has already been sent to me as well, which is doubly annoying in a way as without the all-important sparkles I'd rather have just cancelled the whole thing...

    I have emailed the info@... address but I thought I'd post here as well seeing as lots of folk seem to have emails going astray recently.

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    Personally I do wish online shops would have an "all or nothing" option that you could tick. That way, if any part of the order is not available, the whole order would be automatically canceled.

    In my case it seems to be electronic and computing component suppliers that have this problem - they cancel the one vital component that means you don't actually have a need for any of the rest of the order - grrr.

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    Hi RJS,

    We are very sorry about the changes to your order without you being consulted first. The correct procedure is to contact the customer and check how they would like to proceed with the order. I will speak to the staff involved to make sure this procedure is not overlooked in the future.

    If you still have any outstanding queries regarding your order please do not hesitate to contact me directly through here.

    Julian, an “all or nothing” option on the order checkout is something we are going to look at as an additional checkout feature. I have seen it on other stores myself and can fully appreciate the inconvenience it will eliminate.

    Best regards,


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