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Thread: nape microdermal protection

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    Default nape microdermal protection

    hey guys,
    im off to get my haircut in a few days. i think my hairdresser's gonna be washing, combing n blowdrying my hair.. but im scared she'll irritate my nape MD. its 7 months old now and recently its been on and off angry at some point but now its sorta back to doing okay. was wondering what i could wear to protect it from being pulled/irritated? thanks!

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    Well, first off you could just mention it to her so she knows to be gentle around your nape. Maybe put a ban-aid over it for the duration of your hair appt to insure it wont get tugged on by your hair or snagged by anything.
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    Maybe try a water proof plaster as well? Not sure that the chemicals in shampoo etc will probably irritate it even further.
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