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    ive had a retired pa for some time now, it started right where most do, but i took it out nearly 6 months ago and its its somehow streatched from a 12g to a 8g and moved next to the glans at the tip. its very annoying urinating. Should i go stich it shut ? (yes i can do this safely) or will it take more then a simple stich shut to heal ?

    and btw, it streatched and migrated without jewlery, go figure

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    That's really weird. I don't think you can just stitch it shut, it probably needs to be cut first and then stitched.
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    ^ pretty much what I was thinking

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    I remember reading on BME some years ago about a guy with the same problem. He healed it by drilling the inside of the fistula with an electric drill to make it like a fresh wound. After that it completely healed. Sounds painful though.

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    Guys - this is your penis you are talking about - do you REALLY want to drill it with an electric drill?????

    Not wanting to be funny but can you really stitch safely and know what you are doing if you are asking these questions, as I am sure someone who knows how to stitch wounds would know it needs to be an open wound to heal???


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    Dude, no. You can't stitch healed skin, it won't close. You'd have to get a surgical revision of this done which would involve removing the skin inside the fistula (healed skin tunnel) and then stitching the sides together. DO NOT even think about doing that yourself! It's a job for a plastic surgeon. Anybody can throw a suture in with minimal training, but there are surgical elements to what you need that I would not even attempt. Doctor time for you.

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    If your annoyed at the way you pee and the hole is getting larger and migrating to the tip you could just snip the last piece of skin and it will be like a big pee slit and your stream (depending on your penis and body) should be pretty much normal. I had a PA and had overstretched it to about a 2 ga and was peeing all over my pants standing up and then I learned about meatotomy. My strip of skin was so thin and short it took veryl little effort and surprisingly no pain to snip it and then my stream fixed itself. After that I got a reverse pa, but since then I've moved on to "heavier" mods.

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