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Thread: red juicy bubbles?!?!?! help!

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    Default red juicy bubbles?!?!?! help!

    more anti tragus problems! the swelling has noticeably gone down but these red juicy looking bubbles have appeared on both sides of the hole! i know anti tragus should have curved barbells in them but none of mine are long enough with the bubbles and the gauge of my circular barbell is too small! i tried to change it and i noticed the bubbles! what should i do? should i pop them??? or should i get a extra long 16 gauge curved barbell? would that help and what material should it be? please help. :( i love this piercing. these are what the bubbles look like :( :( :(
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    Well for starters, stop taking the jewellery out! It's only going to aggravate it further. I suggest going to your piercer and getting them to change it to a suitable barbell as the CBB you're currently wearing is probably causing you the agro. The best metal to use is titanium and any reputable piercer will be using this.

    For the 'bubbles' you'll need to do hot compresses, this involves making a sea salt solution (boiling or course) and waiting til it's cool enough for you to hold on the bubbles (but still as hot as you can stand). Hold it there until it cools and repeat on the other one. Other people swear by camomile compresses which involves holding a soaked camomile teabag over the bumps. Different things work for different people.

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    LOL "red juicy bubbles" sound like a new kind of sweet!
    As the above post said really, but was just gonna say its probably caused by the tight fitting jewellery and the more you fiddle the worse it will get.
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    Yeah, stop dicking around with it and start SSS it. Or do chamomile soaks, I reckon those have helped the bumps on my daith a lot.

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