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Thread: Large Ear Stretching Jewellery

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    Smile Large Ear Stretching Jewellery

    This section is being add to constantly with new ear jewellery over the next 10 weeks. There are lots of new designs arriving, most over 30mm to 50mm.

    Find the ideal jewellery for large stretchings with our Large Ear Stretching Jewellery. In this section you’ll find a great choice of jewellery over 20mm / 0.79”. Choose from classic steel flesh tunnels, eye-catching large gauge plugs and the biggest ear stretching jewellery we have. These pieces are available in a wide range of materials to suit the needs of large gauge stretchings including lightweight acrylic, flexible silicone and classic titanium.

    Large Ear Stretching Jewellery

    Sono Wood Large Guage Flesh Plug

    Sono Wood Large G&#.jpg

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    I think that Ear stretching is the means of gradually enlarging the standard piercing hole initially created with a traditional ear piercing. The hole is enlarged by gentley stretching the tissue causing micro tears to occur. The newly created hole is kept open while the micro tears are allowed to completely heal. Once they are healed the process can be repeated again until you reach your required size.
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    Thanks for such a great INFO regarding Jewelry... I love Jewelry accessories..

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