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    Exclamation lip ring infection

    So I don't know if anyone has had a dilemma similar to this but I looked at some threads but couldnt find help.

    I currently have a lip infection and am taking antibiotics from the doctor for it. it was my fault because it was just a tad sore and then I put peroxide on it (a big no-no that I know now and wish I'd known before). It swelled my lip up and I had to go to the Dr. I've been taking the antibiotics for a few days now and it is still a little swollen but very sore! I only have the stem in because I had to take the ball off since my work doesn't allow it. The outside of my lip has pretty much closed for the most part. However, like I said I still have the shaft of the lip ring in on the inside of my mouth. Pus has been coming out of it the past two days. I am at the point that I have decided to let the hole close and heal (though I'm really sad to do it).

    So the big question that I have is can I go ahead and take the shaft out the inside? I know everyone says no to take the jewelry out because the infection will be trapped inside. But it hurts really bad and hard to eat with it in. Since I'm taking antibiotics would it be safe to take it out?

    Thanks for any advice on this!

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    I'd put a retainer in it for work if you want to keep it they are practically invisible. The infection shouldn't take too long to clear up, sea salt soak/swish it as well as taking the meds to help flush out any nasty stuff, you don't want an infection trapped inside. If it's sore it'll be more sore if it closes over with the infection inside.
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    I second what Jinxed has said.
    You mention that pus has been coming out of the inside hole for the past 2 days. If you remove the stem now and the hole closes up (which it will very quickly on the inside of your mouth) where do you think this pus will go? At the moment having jewellery in the piercing is allowing the pus to drain.

    If you want to remove it altogether then wait until you have finished the antibiotics ad the infection is gone and then remove it.

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    Yeah, if it's sore now it'll be even nastier when it's closed off. If you just care for it carefully then wait for it to clear up and close up

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    Please do not give up on your beautiful lip piercing.
    Put a retainer instead and your infection will most probably go away in a few more days, furthermore you're taking antibiotics.

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