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Thread: Think 2 in 1 sitting is a good idea?

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    Why not. Lol. If you think you are man enough do it xP

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    Quote Originally Posted by diljaa View Post
    I was thinking about having 3 done at the same time, 2 x helix and 1 lobe. That's too much you say? I want a spiral.
    Well lobe piercings usually heal quite quickly and getting two helixs wouldn't be any different from getting a scaffold or industrial so you might be okay...
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    just an update guys, not had anything done yet as i suddenly took ill and am currently bed-bound!! its horrible been like this for almost a week now. but the BJS catalog arrived the other day so everyday I'm leafing through it for ideas!!
    I defo think as soon as I'm well i will get my left eyebrow done (it doesn't matter what side you get does it, one is not more masculine or more feminine are they?) and then in a couple months im gonna get my tongue done and leave the scaffolding till the end of the year. i will post as soon a diary when i get started, which prob won't be for a week or so yet.

    quick question, i notice alot of people say bioplast is great for new piercings, if so why don't salons offer it instead of titanium of s/steel?
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