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    Default The ladies eco warrior thread :)

    So after lots of posts clogging up the pill rant thread i decided to make a lame titled thread as i couldnt think of anything creative.

    So basically women use 10-17k sanitary items in their lifetime , and thats a lot if you think of all the women in the western world. Why be that average woman ? According to google (iffy source) there are approx 60 million people in the UK, so around 30 million women if only 2/3 of them are of the right age then thats one hell of a lot of smelly things in landfil ........ ewwwww

    Disposable products can cause irritation, are link with TSS, dont readily biodegrade (some items never do) and have limited capacity.

    Menstrual cups can hold 2-3x as much as as super tampon , so that could mean only emptying it morning and night and not having to think in between, now thats fab another benefit of a cup is that no\matter what your flow you only need one cup Cups start from as little as £12 and can last up to 15 years. These can be used while swimming. example of cups

    Washable pads offer a cool alternative if your not a fan of tampons/dont fancy a cup. As they are usually made from 100% cotton and contain no nasty absorbant gels they are great for sensitive skin. Once used soak them in a bucket for a while, throw in the washer and then dry .... simple. You can get washable liners too, these dry super fast and you can literally wash them in the bathroom sink with cold water. Prices start from as little as £2 each including shipping and if looked after i cant see a reason why they shouldnt last a long time. example of a pad and a liner

    Sea sponges which are a nice natural tampon alternative. I read somewhere that when they are harvested the harvesting causes the sponges that are left to breed (is that the right term?) so they are a good renewable source and can last up to a year. Prices of these start at around £8. I have no experience of these but they have been sold as tampon alternatives for years and years.

    Not exclusive to females but I found some cool washable cleansing pads. These are basically round bits of fleece to replace cotton wool. I haven't tried these out yet but I got 10 with a little bag for about £2-3 which is quite good when they could last forever and a bag of cotton wool pads lasts me a month.

    Just thought id share the love. A few simple and possible perfect solutions that are easy and eco friendly

    website selling fem products with free postage and ebay is good too mammamoomy store for the cleansing pads and

    pieces of sungreen store is good for washables. I own 14 of April's liners and they are fantastic, lovely and soft and nice and thin too perfect for cup back up use or everyday wear

    Any questions just ask the more the better

    Ive made a BJS group too so ill invite any members who show interest.

    10% discount at feminine wear use code 'facebook'
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