I need advice badly! :( I've had both of my nipples pierced for almost 2 years now. I've had trouble on and off with both of them, nothing major just irritations and what forth, but more so with the right one. Well recently I am seeing new symptoms, I don't know if it's an infection or what, but it has been bothering me terribly for the past few weeks and I'm scared :( Well, first of all it gets irritated all the time, like almost infected, and I wash it with antibacterial soap and soak it with sea salt water. The irritation/infection or whatever it is has pretty much gone away and it doesn't hurt, but I am getting these things that look almost like little pimples near my nipple. First it was just one and now I am seeing more. I am so paranoid about it I keep feeling my boob to see if I feel any lumps in it. I keep having these horrible thoughts that I'm going to get a bad infection and have to get my boob cut off and I really don't have anybody I can talk to who would know anything about it. I get so scared about it I want to cry sometimes. I want to just get rid of the damn piercing but I am afraid that if I do have some sort of infection it will trap it inside and make it worse. Has anybody else had anything like this? Does anybody know what it is? Please help!!