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Thread: how do you compare to your father/mom?

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    I'd say I'm definitely more like my dad than my mom.
    My mom is really uptight sometimes and gets really snappy with me for no reason. She didn't finish college and besides that fact, I think everything she's been through with her mom (controlling type) has made her immature. She says things to intentionally piss me off and tries to get a reaction out of me. We're nothing alike in that way because I would rather just not fight at all, I get rather annoyed when she gets snippy. We've become closer since I went to school in the way I appreciate her more, but we still fight. Only thing I got from her is my looks cause everyone says we look alike. I think I can get defensive sometimes too because it became a defense mechanism for her incessant brow beating..she tends to be the same way sometimes.
    As for my dad, he's an artistic type, a director who lives in LA. He's mostly a calm person, into meditation and all that, though I have heard him lose his temper before. Used to do a fair bit of drugs but now doesn't even drink or smoke cigs (hasn't since I was born anyway). He's the one that I tend to have more meaningful conversation with, though we're not as close as we could be seeing as I only see him a few times a year. He still understands me a lot more than my mom though and he's the one I can talk to when I really need someone. I definitely got my generally relaxed attitude and creativity from him.
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    I don't think I have anything at all in common with my dad, honestly. The only thing I can think of that I have in common with my mom (other than some physical traits) is her independence and hard-working attitude. We were both really eager to get jobs for the first time, live on our own, drive for the first time, etc. She never went to college and she got married at 19 so she lost some of that independence, but she was the first woman in my family to have the guts to get a divorce when she wasn't happy with her marriage. Both of my parents, and the rest of my family, are pretty closed-minded and uptight and I'm not like that at all. Last time I went to visit my mom I was sitting at the table and she called my sister's husband and I "worldly" as an insult, so yeah...
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    I'm adopted so it'd be a case of nurture rather than nature, but I don't see much in common with either of my adoptive parents. My mum's very uptight and traditional, but my dad's more laid back. He does anything she asks though :/. I'd say I'm definitely more like my 'dad', it's very hard for me to be under the same roof as my mum for an extended period of time since she tends to make snide remarks at me and we end up arguing. I'd love to meet my birth mother someday, I doubt I'll ever meet my biological father since he was some random local she picked up while on holiday in Yugoslavia. Sorry, this isn't very informative :/.


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    I actually found out last week that I am quite different from my parents. My father is very very strict and my mother is far too laid back.

    Last weekend I was in charge of looking after my 14 year old sister as my mother was away and my father does not live with us. She wanted to go to a party with her friends and some older people where there would most likely be alcohol (but I completely trust that she wouldnt be drinking). My father told her she was not allowed to go at all because he just cant trust her, wheras my mother thought it was fine for her to go and sleep there despite the fact she had never met the boy whos party it was. I was given the decision and I allowed her to go on the condition that she was to give me the house phone number and address and was to get a taxi home at 11 o 'clock.

    So I spose Im kinda half way between, and although I love them I hope I am not like them as a parent. My dad quite happily didnt talk to me for a year, and my mother drinks like a fish and goes on random weekends away leaving me incharge with no money and no food.

    But to answer the question finally haha I am very arrogant and short tempered like my father, and I look a lot like my mother. But thats about it!
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    In terms of personality, work ethic and actions I'm most like my step-dad (who I call Dad and I'm changing my surname to his). We're both perfectionists to the point of "Dyu have OCD or dyu really care that much if the Easter Eggs are symettrical?" we're generally quite calm but you get on the wrong side of us and you know about it (though I am more vocal than my dad - he's the Silent But Deadly type),

    In terms of looks when I was younger and had long hair I looked very obviously like a Wood (my mothers side) but now I'm older I still look like a Wood but not so much like my mum in particular.

    I'm really not like my biological father at all and I don't think anything else could make me quite as happy as that fact.
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    Looks wise I'm most like my dad because we both have freckles and ginger hair but personality wise I'm most like my mum because we both are a little awkward around people and tend to stay away from crowds but we won't be walked all over and will stand up for what we believe in. I also take after my grandma a little because we both hate camping and long walks, we are both definitely city girls
    The bad parts I suppose is that I also inherited my mums allergies, asthma and eczma as well as her inablity to cook anything without burning it lol. Overall though I'm very happy with my inheritance.

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    I look quite similar to both, probably most like my dad though. We all have pale skin, freckles and blue eyes! My dad & I burn really easily, my mom somehow manages to tan despite the pale skin and freckles. Bitch. ;D

    In terms of views on politics, religion, morals - again, similar to both, but most similar to my dad. My mom's a bit more laid back than us both I think, and she also is a lot more open-minded regarding religion and spiritual things, whereas my dad & I are very cynical and stubborn Both of my parents are intelligent, but my mom is much better with people than I am. Even though she likes working with people, she still likes to be on her own, as do I - she can't wait till we all move out and neither can I (as much as I love her, obviously!)

    I get on brilliantly with both of them, now I've grown up a bit. However, I'm nowhere near as close to my dad since he got back with his girlfriend for the billionth time (and no, not just me being immature and not liking the fact that he has a girlfriend - she's physically/emotionally abusive, manipulative and generally insane, and I don't feel welcome at my dad's house any more). I've just got fed up of listening to him making excuses for her and unfortunately that means I might only see him every month or two now, rather than every weekend =/ We used to be very close, it kinda sucks now, especially as otherwise we're so similar.

    /ramble about my family life
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    Looks wise i don't particularly look like either of my parents, me and my brother have very similar features which are a faint mix of both parents. In other ways i have some elements of them but otherwise am quite different.

    My mum and dad both have a way of just putting up with things and plodding along through life if that makes sense? My parents slept in seperate rooms and had separate lives for many years when i was younger and then finally divorced when i was 16. My mum and my dad went straight into work after school. My mum has spent most of her life going from job to job, mainly factory and supermarket jobs. My dad has been in the same job since he left school so he's been there almost 34 years. He doesn;t really enjoy it and i get the impression he stays because he's worried he can;t do anything else.

    My mum is generally distant, we didn't really see much of each other for 9 years and this last year (since she split with her partner) we've seen each other more and get on better but my mum is very much interested in seeing me when she needs to e.g. she wants me to look something up online for her. My mum was brought up by her nan so isn't very close to her mum so i don't know if this has rubbed off on her. Recently my mum has been in a job she likes and has started doing more training and working her way up different roles within the company.

    I was very close to my dad growing up but since he's been with his gf that pretty much ended. My dad wants a simple life and doesn't want any confrontation or hassle. he goes to work, comes home, wants to eat his dinner and watch coronation street. Anything else he doesn't get involved with. I do not get on with his gf, she makes it quite clear that she doesn't want me living here, even though this has been my home since i was 7. My dad knows how she acts towards me but doesn't say or do anything about it.

    I'm quite different to both of them. I've always been quite driven and ambitious, i knew what career i wanted at a young age and went after it, i went to college and then was the first in my family to go to university. I've been working in that career ever since and have worked for promotions and continuously pushing to do new courses and learn new things. I'm not content with a job where i go in each day wishing it was home time or having to do the same thing all day, i want variety and responsibility and if i'm not happy i do something to change it or look elsewhere. I don't like confrontation but if something needs to be said, i'll say it, i won't keep quiet and continue to be walked over or let others be walked over. I'm quite a stressy/anxious person which comes from my mum and drives me mental sometimes. Also My dad isn't too great at dealing with emotions, doesn't really let on how he's feeling which i seem to do as well, i keep it all bottled up and let it all out when i'm alone.
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    Well I've probably picked up most of my mental issues from my dad, however I like to think I'm not as much of a c*nt-hopefully I've improved a little .

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    i would hate to think i'm anything like my dad-since he fucked off any hasn't paid child support since i was about 5 i don't feel any obligation towards him.still,can't help that i am half(biologically)his,but it's a pretty major reason for why i don't want kids.
    i don't look very much like anyone else in my family either,when my hair was it's natural color people'd always say i look like my brother or my nan,but it always made me wonder if i was adopted when i was younger.
    my mum's quite high-strung,she doesn't relax very easily and over time i've begun to see that i've inhereited that,as well as being really stubborn(but that's a family trait!).we never used to get on that well,there are severl reasons for that,but i'm sorta starting to accept that i can move away in a year or so,so it should be better when i've moved out-cos things with my brother have been a lot better since he's been away at uni.
    as mentioned before,i don't think i'm anything like my dad,i wouldn't really know since i don't have contact with him(his choice-not mine)but i work on not being like him at all.
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