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Thread: To buy, or download?

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    Default To buy, or download?

    I just wanted to find out people opinion on here basically.

    I have never downloaded in my life, but my boyfriend downloads an awful lot.

    When is it right to illegally download music, films and games? When is it wrong?

    To be fair, a lot of new bands wouldn't have been able to break through if it hadn't been for people torrenting and sharing files, and then people will often legitimately buy their albums in my experiences.

    But is it alright to download from massive bands who have all the money in the world? Metallica? Iron Maiden? Is it right to illegally download at all?

    Opinions please


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    well I recently downloaded a tv series (naughty me)
    but that was after a few days searching for the DVD's only to find that they were not available in the UK, if I hadn't downloaded it there would have been no feasable way of me really seeing the show at all- I mean does the studio really expect me to go out get an american DVD player and tv and then the american DVDs so that I can watch it?!!
    I only download when I find myself not able to get what I want legally, tbh, unless it's something that has been specified as free I think downlaoding is wrong, hence why I only do it when I cannot obtain it in a 100% legal manner.
    All my friends use torrents a lot- I have one friend that is running 3 torrents, each one containing about 20 movies or something =/ that's just madness IMHO.
    as for bih named bands such as metallica, I used to download when I wanted to try new music (ie. getting about 3 of their songs) if I liked the music I'd still go out and buy the album, but many people don't. I do not think it fair that it is the well known bands getting so up on their high horse about downloading when most of their revenue comes from live shows and other merchandise anyhow.
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    I download and I wont even bother trying to say how its okay to do so.

    While you can try and spin this argument in many ways, but the cold hard fact is............. the law is the law, if you break it and are caught, you face the consequences. Luckily the law in this area is actually quite hazy and can be spun to mean several different things, hence it often comes to a civil dispute (taken to court by metallica or limp bizkit or hounded by your ISP) rather than going to a criminal court.

    Some bands such as Glassjaw activelly encourage fans to download their music, Glassjaw in particular encourage people to download their debut album rather than buy it, reason being........... its their best material, and it was a release on roadrunner records, a record label with no morals who totally f*cked them over, refusing to pay to put them on big tours because slipknot was the major cash card back then, the label subsequently f*cked slipknot over in favour of other bands such as Dragonforce. Does this mean its okay to download the album because then band encourage it? Morally questionable (like many situations), but technically still against the law. Whether you agree with the law, you are obliged to obey it.
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    Its a tricky one. I do download but anything that I really like I will go and buy. I have watched many crap movies and tv programs that I have downloaded, and I am glad I did download them as I would have wasted alot of money otherwise. My way of justifying it: if I didn't download it, I would not have bought it to watch it. So really the company has not lost any money anyway (I know thats abit of a weak argument). But whether you think its right or wrong, its still illegal. BUT what ever they do to combat it, you cannot stop the internet.
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    I download, the reason being I cannot buy stuff. First, most stuff I need I can't get at any store near by. I could order them from the net, but the problem is I don't have a credit card, basically no money, and in most cases the postage costs more than the article itself. I'm not using this as an excuse in any way. If I could, I would.
    And for things like TV shows and some movies, you just can't find everything on DVD.

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    I don't really download. I have friends who work in the music industry, the tv industry, the gaming industry and the film industry and it'd just feel like stealing intellectual property. I will look up films on wikipedia and watch trailers on youtube and I'm far more likely to go to the cinema/buy a dvd when I feel the film is likely to be good. Take Clash of the Titans, I want to see it after seeing the trailers and reading up on it. I wouldn't otherwise. I will look up songs from bands on youtube before buying the album. I like that that's an option because it means I can expand my musical horizons a bit, I wouldn't unless I'd heard the album at a friend's house before.

    I'm not saying I'm perfectly moral and not trying to say everyone who downloads is horribly immoral. Before anyone jumps down my throat.
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    I usually buymy music from sites online, mainly cos im too lazy to use file sharing sites. As for the law its outdated. It is after all technically illegal for you to purchase music and then transfer it to your ipod/mp3 player

    (apologises if this comes up twice, im not sure of this new way of posting)
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    I download everything. I don't care about people losing money if I never directly have to confront it, I just accept that I'm a bad person for doing it and carry on not caring.

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    I've studied the music industry, record labels, illegal downloading and how it affects figures quite intensively and in depth. Didn't change my mind, i think it's built far too much momentum to be stopped entirely, obviously some ISPs are doing their bit and the police are even catching the odd one or two people and making spectacles of them, but thats al just scare tactics IMO.

    I personally think that the music industry should move in the direction of P2P torrent sites, I think a lot of people would be interested in the idea of a massive torrent index where any artist can upload their music, where it can be properly moderated and filed, it could be safe and entirely virus free and artists would get some more money aswell as the increased recognition that torrent sites have undoubtedly provided for smaller bands.

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    I download. But not very often. But for instance some bands I'd've never have got into if my mate hadn't copied the disc for me.

    I go out and I'll buy stuff afterwards if I feel its worth it. But more often than not I only want the one song - not the whole album.
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