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Thread: "best" sex piercings.

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    Default "best" sex piercings.

    Sorry, im sure this has been discussed before, i just couldnt find it with the search function. but i just figured i would ask what people thought (womens opinions especially). I've had my PA for about 2 years now, its at a 4g right now, and i have never gotten anything but praise for it in the bedroom. Anyway, i've really wanted to get another piercing (or 3 ) down there, for a bit now, but the main reason i enjoy genital piercings is for the sex aspect and increased pleasure for my partner. I don't want anything else through the head, so no Amp or Ap, but any of you ladies have any advice on piercings that... "really hit the spot" so to say . I was thinking of maybe doing a ladder down the underside of the shaft, Speed bumps i think they are called.

    Anyway, any opinions welcome! guys or girls!

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    None of them do. Seriously, no piercing is going to make you the living, breathing equivalent of a Rampant Rabbit. All male genital piercings will just feel 'different' for a girl that hasn't experienced it before and they'll get used to it after the first few times.

    Also: kinda covers the whole male genital piercings and girls attitude toward them.

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    I agree with the above.

    If anything I think they'd be a hindrance to sex because they can catch on things at times, stuff like that. I really don't think a piercing will make much difference to the quality of the sex ,other than maybe if the girl/guy you're with finds it a really big turn on.

    You won't get a piercing that helps you hit the spot, you're either just good at hitting the spot in general... or not. (that's how i see it anyway)

    Something like subdermal implants are more likely to give pleasure i'd think because you'd have proper ridges and bumps like a vibe, just on your shaft. I can see how that's pleasurable but obviously that's an extreme mod (and not one i've ever got to experience!)

    I'm not against genital piercings in the slightest i think they are sexy on guys I just don't think they can drastically make a difference to sex, your technique is what is going to make the difference and how much of a spark there is between you and the person you are with.
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    Hey i agree with both of the above.. but there is one piercing that can stimulate the clit during sex and thats the pubic piercing! better if you dont have pubes but thats what its called.
    "A Pubic piercing is a piercing located just above the penis, at the point where it extends from the pubic area."

    I think this piercing looks nice as well as it "can" not with every woman can enhance clitoral stimulation..
    but to be honest with you like jinxed said its all about technique!
    hope this helps
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    Also genital beading will make you feel 'ribbed' like some condoms and vibrators are and are less likely to catch like ladders are. There are many options open to you but as has been said they're not going to turn you into a sex god If you are with a lady at the moment why not ask her what she likes in a vibrator / dildo and see if you can find a piercing /piercings that will mimic that?
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    I agree tbh

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