Flesh Tunnels And Plugs

Treat your stretchings to something really special with our Silicone Flesh Tunnels and Plugs! These tunnels are incredibly soft and comfy, plus they are so easy to insert. Simply fold the tunnel in two, place in your stretching and let go – it’s that simple. Soft, biocompatible and available in a great range of designs, our silicone ear stretching jewellery is a fantastic choice. We also have clever Silicone Flesh Plug Retainers – perfect for work or school.

Keep your stretchings under wraps with our solid silicone hider flesh plugs. These clever flesh plugs really hide your stretchings - ideal for work, school or formal events.
These silicone flesh plugs make any stretching look more discrete. They work very well on smaller stretchings and make even bigger ones look less noticeable.
Silicone is extremely biocompatible and has a soft, squidgy feel, so these plugs are very comfy. Silicone flesh plugs are metal-free and safe for hospital visits, X-rays and MRI scans.