Permanent Tattoo Pen

Create stunning tattoo designs that last with Stargazer Permanent Tattoo Pens. These revolutionary cosmetic tattoo pens make it easy to draw any design and last all day long.
Stargazer Permanent Tattoo Pens are smudge-proof, splash proof and very longwearing. Once dry they last until they are removed with make up remover or the Stargazer Correction Pen. Each pen has a slim brush tip that gives you complete control and the smooth line needed to create any tattoo design. As you would expect with any Stargazer product the colours are bright, saturated and won't fade.
These cosmetic tattoo pens are perfect for body painting, photoshoots and theatrical work. They're also great if you want to try out your tattoo design before you have it done for real! We recommend purchasing the Stargazer Correction Pen to erase mistakes without mess.

Correction Pen for Permanent Make Up Pens

Correct mistakes the easy way with the Stargazer Correction Pen.
This make-up corrector pen is designed for use with Stargazer Permanent Make Up Pens. It quickly removes mistakes and is highly recommend when you purchase any of these make up pens. The Stargazer Correction Pen has a fine brush tip for complete control and precision when correcting even intricate make up looks.
Suitable for use with: Stargazer Permanent Lip Liner Pens, Stargazer Permanent Eyeliner Pens, Stargazer Permanent Tattoo Pens, Stargazer Permanent Eyebrow Pens.