Scaffold Bars

Keep your scaffold piercing looking and felling great with our surgical steel scaffold bars. Scaffold piercings consist of two ear rim piercings joined by one bar, so it is very important to choose the right size bar. If you have trouble healing your scaffold piercing, it may help to use a Bioplast barbell or a PTFE barbell before moving on to one of these scaffold bars.

Long Surgical Steel Barbell - 1.6mm

Surgical Steel Industrial Piercing Bar - Carved

Get the perfect fit with our new long surgical steel barbells. These longer length barbells start at 22mm, making them ideal for industrial piercings and scaffold piercings.
Our surgical steel barbells are machined in superior quality 316L surgical steel. It has a flawlessly smooth surface and comes in lots of different sizes to suit your piercings. Both balls are removable and can be swapped with threaded acccessories to customise your look.

Treat your industrial piercing to something a little different with our surgical steel carved industrial piercing bar.
This stylish industrial piercing bar is carved with a delicate spiral pattern that adds interesting detail to a plain bar. The carving has been smoothly polished and carefully done so that it won't irritate your piercing.
This long barbell is ideal for industrial piercings and scaffold piercings. It comes in various lengths to suit your anatomy and is made from medical-grade surgical steel.