Stretching Crescents

Stretch your ears the easy way with our Surgical Steel Stretching Crescents. These easy to use stretching crescents have a fine electropolished surface that slides smoothly into your piercing. These crescents allow you to stretch gradually and look great worn afterwards. We also have a full range of Ear Stretching Tools and Stretching Jewellery.

Surgical Steel Ear Pin


Sharpen your style with this surgical steel ear pin.
This eye-catching ear pin is designed to be worn in ear lobe piercings. It creates a really striking look perfect for punky and gothic looks. Our steel ear pins are finely machined in medical-grade surgical steel with a flawless smooth finish. The ends of the pin are rounded but pointy.

Surgical Steel Ear Spiral


Create a striking look with this gorgeous surgical steel ear spiral. This classic ear spiral hangs down from your ear lobe and makes a great alternative to traditional earrings.
This ear spiral comes in a choice of gauges and has can be styled in lots of different ways. Depending on your personal style and gauge it can look chic, graceful or tribal. Wear it with earrings, alone or matched with steel jewellery for a fantastic look.

Surgical Steel Stretching Crescent - Taper


Stretch your ears the easy way with this surgical steel stretching crescent. This clever stretching crescent can be used to stretch gradually or rapidly, so you can size up in a way that makes sense for your ears.
This surgical steel stretching crescent comes with an O-ring to keep it securely in your ear. It is beautifully machined with a flawless surface that is kind to your skin.