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Thread: Bump inside lip piercing?

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    Default Bump inside lip piercing?

    I got my lip pierced in September and sometimes in the inside a bump will form (like swelling) beneath the flat part (I have the stud kind). It usually goes away after couples days, but a week or 2 weeks ago I got the bump again but this time it's pretty big and it won't go away! My lip's getting sore too. I've been wearing my long stud that I got when I first pierced it so maybe it's irritating it? But my lip is also sorta swollen now so I'm afraid to change it to a shorter one.

    ( was gonna post pic but I can't :\)
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    The flat part is getting in the way so the bump is like going over it and stuff >.<. It sorta went down though but I'm worried. Is it infected or rejecting it? I tried rinsing my mouth w/ salt water but I haven't been consistent. Should I keep trying or is this really serious??.. And do you think changing it to a ring kind will get rid of it? I feel like the flat part traps bacteria in or something so that's why it keeps forming.
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    If you post the link to the pic but with a few spaces added we will be able to give you some better feedback

    If you are really worried get your local piercer to take a look for you
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    To me that looks like an abscess but its hard to tell - does it weep (i.e. leak) when you press it and does it feel under pressure like a spot? It looks like your disc has 'popped' it for you and theres a lot of icky stuff?

    If so you need to be treated for an infection otherwise it will just keep coming back, there are things you can do at home if you'd prefer trying that before antibotics:

    You will need to completely drain the abscess so pop it using something sharp and clean (like a pair of nail scissors but please be careful i'm not a doctor!) and drain it by squeezing all the nasty stuff out. Then soak it in a sea salt soak for 5mins or till the hot soak begins to cool, rinse with warm water and apply an antiseptic like tea tree oil or savlon / diluted TCP.

    Soak and apply antiseptic twice a day for three days but if it doesn't start getting better its a good plan to go see a doctor as you may need antibiotics to shift it completely!
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