Silver & Steel Nipple Bar - Mace


Toughen up with this Silver Mace Nipple Bar.

This fierce nipple bar features two spiky sterling silver mace ends joined by a surgical steel bar.

With its bright silver shine... read more


Silver & Steel Nipple Bar - Jewelled Sword


Treat your nipple piercing to something special with this Silver Sword Nipple Bar.

This gorgeous nipple bar features a split sword in sterling silver. It is joined by a surgical steel... read more
Gauge x Length: 1.6mm x 12mm 1.6mm x 14mm 1.6mm x 16mm


Silver & Steel Nipple Bar - Jewelled Key


Make a statement with this gorgeous Jewelled Silver Key Nipple Bar.

This glamorous nipple bar features jewelled sterling silver ends in the shape of a key. The bar is surgical steel and... read more