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Thread: hmmm snug ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ~sugaryink~ View Post
    i thnk they, look realy good. was thinking about having it done myself... i have heard that they take ages and ages to heal, but thats true for all cartiledge piercings.......
    Yeah cartilage piercings do take ages to heal, but snug piercings take a lot longer than the average cartilage piercing.

    Get one if you want, but in 6 months chances are it could still be as pissy as in week 1, so just be prepaired for it, thats all really. If i wanted to try again, id do it without worrying about the time taken to heal, but i think most ear piercings look crud these days so i wont bother.
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    Mine never healed properly and I had it for six years, so in my experience they're definately a pain to heal. I was pierced with a ring though which I never bothered to change for a bar for about five years so that could well have been the root of my problems
    Got: Left Ear: Lobe (19mm/5mm/1.6mm), 4xhelix, 5mm conch

    Right Ear: Lobe (19mm/5mm/1.6mm), inner helix, orbital (Top)

    Other: 4xtongue (2/2.4/3.2mm), septum

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    I have a snug/anti-tragus combo that's SOOO temperamental. I'm in agony at the moment and can't do anything about it. I REFUSE to take it out..... It does look good though!

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    Everyone is different, you might be lucky and have an easy healer! If you want it, go for it.
    I hope so !

    I'm not too bothered about the time it'll take to heal because if I look after it well enough, I should be okay.

    Also, does anyone know of any good, reputable places to go to in the cambridge area ?
    I got my Tragus and Orbital done at Tattoo Crazy (cambs) and so fair they've been fine (touch wood), keep getting the bump but I'm working on that.... But when I had the orbital done, I found the piercer to be kind of offish with me. She didnt really make me feel that comfortable about it, and because i was nervous I asked a lot of questions. She just gave the impression that she couldnt really be bothered to take the time with me and just wanted to get it over and done with :/
    also, she wouldnt change the BCR in my tragus to a bar (had it 4 months and still have a bump, was told on here that changing it might be better for it) and so just told me to use watered down tea tree oil or bazuka gel. (i thought they would be a bit harsh on it ???)

    so im not too sure if i would be comfortable going back there to get a snug or anything else done.

    any recommendations ?

    ps, thanks for all your replies !!

    Lobes (R) X 2
    Tragus (R)
    Helix (R) X 2
    Conch (R) X 2
    Lobes (L) X 2
    Snug (L)
    Conch (L)
    Industrial (L)


    3rd Conch (R)
    Nape Microdermals ?

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    i want a piercing :(

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    I guess I'm not so alone here. Nothing but lobe piercings in each ear is the female of equivalent of nothing for a guy, I guess. I feel so unpierced. :(

    Snug piercings sound pretty painful, I think I could live without one, I agree with an earlier poster, there are other ear piercings that look good and are less trouble. But I think it's up to every person to do what they want.

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    whatever you do, do not go for the bcr!!

    mine was done witha curved 1.2mm bar, and isnt completely healed, but i havent had any problems with it, i guess ive been lucky as its been a very easy healer so far! id say its around 3/4 month old now...

    didnt find it articulary painful either, sharp pinch and that was it, the pain started when it swelled as the bar was a little tight initially, it went down after a week though and the original bar fits snugly now :P
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    3 x helix (1.6mm, 8mm), rook, snug, 2 x tragus (1.2mm, 4mm), 2 x daith, anti tragus, 2 x 16mm lobes, 6mm conch punch, 8mm helix punch

    double nostrils, philtrum, double septum (2mm, 10mm)

    3.2mm + 2.4mm navel, 2 x horizontal nipple, R vertical 2.4mm nipple, 2 x inner labia

    want:6mm tragus

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    I got my snugg a year ago and it's still going strong.

    I had some trouble with it to start with as I got alot of scarring to the outside and an absyss on the back.

    But after caring for it correctly it's been fine for months and i've never had any more problems with it.

    It's definatly one of my favourite piercings =]

    Edit: Also mine is done with a 1.2mm curved barbell, don't get it done with a BCR as i've heard they only cause problems

    Current Mods

    10mm stretch (L+R ear)
    8mm stretch (L+R ear)
    3mm stretch (R ear)
    1.2 mm Tragus (R ear)
    1.2mm Snugg (L ear)
    1.6mm Helix (L ear)
    1.6 mm Snakebites
    Dermal Anchor on sternum

    Script on L wrist
    Ivy and stars half sleeves (Still in progress)

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